Olympian Saskia Tidey confirms switch to GB representation

The Irish sailor qualifies for Team GB through her father.

Saskia Tidey, the 23-year-old sailor who represented Ireland at the Rio Olympics, has this morning announced her decision to begin training with Great Britain, in the hopes of making their team for the 2020 Olympic games.

Tidey, along with her now-retired partner Andrea Brewster, finished 12th in the 49er Fx Skiff event at last summer’s Olympics.

She will now join up with new partner Charlotte Dobson, who came home in eight place in the same event last year.

Upon confirming the news to The Irish Times, Tidey cited better opportunities within Team GB as a telling factor in her decision:

‘There wasn’t an option here in Ireland in the 49er FX with another girl who had the experience to sail at the same level that I had finished up at (in Rio), to be competitive and win a medal in 2020.’

‘I think that myself, along with Charlotte Dobson, gives us a strong combination going forward to achieve what we both individually want.’

‘It’s not been easy personally for me. I’m so proud to be Irish, I will always be Irish, and I absolutely couldn’t have been prouder to represent Ireland at Rio 2016.’

‘I’m grateful for what has happened, but now (am looking forward to) four years of 100 per cent focus on performance.’



  1. Switching from one nation to another as Brewster did in reverse 4 years earlier should NOT be allowed. I O C need to change the rules for future and only in “war” torn” countries or in very special circumstances should a transfer of allegiance be permitted. Ireland had several non Irish born competitors in Rio, which is fine and permitted as long as they had an Irish qualifying relatives but once that choice has been made then there should be no turning back after representing the country of YOUR choice at an Olympic Games.


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