Breakdancing to enter 2024 Olympics

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Breakdancing to enter 2024 Olympics

The Olympic committee has announced that breakdancing will debut at the 2024 games in Paris. The committee made the decision last Monday in an attempt to attract younger audiences to the historic event.

The sport will be renamed and is to be called “breaking” when dancers take center stage in Paris. Breaking will be the first DanceSport ever to take part in the games.

Many on the breakdancing circuit have vouched for the decision of breakdancing’s inclusion in the games. They have said it will be more disciplined, faster with stronger and higher foundations.

However, while this may have mixed opinions, the Olympic committee is gradually planning to add more urban sports. The 2021 games in Tokyo will see the first stage of this.

Surfing, skateboarding, karate, sport climbing along with BMX freestyling, and 3v3 basketball is set to be included. However, some athletes around the World have voiced discontent as their sports miss out in favor of breakdancing.

The most vocal of which is Australian squash player Michelle Martin who sees squash miss out yet again. She stated her discontent in a recent online interview stating that the committee has made a “mockery” of the Olympics.

This anger results from years of players and other athletes from different sports attempting to get squash into the games.

Martin continues to say:

“You just look at the whole thing, and you just go ‘where’s the Olympics going?’ I know some people say breakdancing’s a sport but … I don’t understand,” 

“The Olympics was all about a score, or it was a running race. There was a definitive answer and results to sports. You bring in all these judging things and it just gets so corrupt and so out of control. I just don’t get it anymore.”


Break dancing to become an Olympic sport | TheHill


Dance Community Delighted 

While the idea of “breaking” in the Olympic games might seem strange to some it has already made its debut. The committee first proposed the idea back in 2018 after a successful trial was held.

This trial came in the form of Breaking entering the 2018 youth Olympic games in Argentina. This proved immensely popular amongst young audiences as dancers would compete in one v one dance-offs.

Many critics suggest that Break dancing isn’t popular enough for the games, but figures would suggest otherwise. The 2019 Olympic program indicates that approximately one million people across the World take part in Breaking.

The annual Red Bull BC World Championship, which determines the best individual breakdancer in the World, has staggering viewers. The 2019 final had over fifty million views worldwide across all platforms.

World DanceSport Federation president Shawn Ray made a statement on Monday about Breaking’s inclusion in the Olympics. 

“Today is a historic occasion, not only for b-boys and b-girls but for all dancers around the world,” 

“The WDSF could not be prouder to have breaking included at Paris 2024, and we thank everyone who helped make it possible: the executive board of the IOC, the Paris 2024 organizers, the WDSF staff and, most importantly, the breaking community itself.”



How Will It Work?

Sixteen male and female athletes will compete over two days facing off one v one in a dance-off. Preliminaries will take place on the first day and the finals on the second.

Breaking will be judged under the Trivium Value system, which is frequently used in the World Urban Games. Dancers will be scored and judged according to their personality, technique, variety, musicality, and performance.

Dancers will typically choose their own music. When in a one v one dance-off, the two competitors will go four rounds as they then react to the music in real-time.

Audience members, DJs, an emcee, and judges will stand around the dancefloor to view the battle. Logan Edra, a famous American dancer, gave her stance on Breaking being in the Olympics: 

“It can resonate with a lot of people because hip-hop culture resonates with a lot of people, hip-hop music resonates with a lot of people.”

“It being in the Olympics, it makes sense that people would refer to it as a sport, but I think one thing for the breaking community is we want to make sure that it’s not known as just a sport but an art, a sport, a culture.”



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