Pinpointing some of the Greatest Irish Athletes

Pinpointing The Greatest Irish Athletes

Over the years, the Irish have proven time and again that they’re great athletes. Even today, some of the best athletes in the world were born and raised in Ireland. Whether you’re into boxing, hockey, soccer, or another sport, you’re going to find Irish athletes exceeding the expectations. Of course, there are a few Irish athletes that have managed to make their country prouder than others. Below, you’re going to learn more about some of the greatest Irish athletes of all time.

Andy Lee

When it comes to boxing, you can pretty much guarantee that the Irish will be well represented. All you have to do is take a look at Andy Lee. The 35-year-old was indeed one of the best boxers ever. And, he just happens to be a cousin of Tyson Fury. Lee competed professionally from 2006 to 2017. From 2014 to 2015, he held onto the WBO middleweight title. In fact, he made history by becoming the first member of the traveling community to score a boxing world title. The southpaw ended his career with a record of 35 wins, 3 losses, and one draw.

During his career, he beat some of the best, including Darryl Cunningham, Brian Vera, and even Matt Korobov. His fight with Peter Quillin in 2015 ended in a draw.


Sonia O’Sullivan

There is a good chance that you like marathons and races. If so, you’ve probably heard of Sonia O’Sullivan at some point. Go back through her career and look at the pay per head betting odds. Do that and you’ll see that the odds were almost always in her favor. There is a reason for this. Sonia was one of the best track and field athletes Ireland ever produced. At the 1995 World Championships, she won the gold medal during the 5000 meters race. At the 2000 Olympic Games, she won a silver medal. In fact, she held a world record for the 2000m from 1994 until 2017.

Sonia was a beast and she definitely made Ireland proud.


AP McCoy

What athlete has won everything that was put in front of him? There has notably been a few, but not many. AP McCoy is one of those fortunate few that was literally almost able to capture everything thrown his way. That being said, his most notable wins were probably the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National. And, this is not to even mention the fact that he was a twenty time jump jockey champion.

However, one of the most respectable things about the athlete wasn’t his field skills. It was his personality and this is exactly why he won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in 2010. In fact, he was the very first jockey to bring this trophy home. When you combine this with his 4,348 jump win and nine flat race wins, you are looking at an athlete that has a truly remarkable career.

Carey May 

If you are a track and field fan, it is likely that you have heard of Carey May. The long-distance runner participated in several competitions, including the European Championships, Osaka Ladies Marathon, World Championships and Olympic Games. Her biggest accomplishments were the 1983 and 1985 first place positional wins. 

Carey earned the 18th position in the 1982 European Championships and the 13th in the 1983 World Championships. She is one of the most popular veteran athletes in Ireland.

George Best

You can look up any modern footballer you want today and you will find that most of them got into football in the first place because of George Best. He is without a doubt regarded as one of these best ever. Best was a skillful winger who totaled 137 goals for Manchester United and nine goals for the Northern Ireland team. The only problem was that best really peaked early in his career and his later career left much to be desired. Despite this fact, Best goes down in the record book as being one of the best Ireland footballers to ever grace the field. And, it really is easy to understand why with his 1968 European Cup win.

Elisha Scott

It is nearly impossible to be a fan of Irish football and not remember Elisha Scott. You have to look deep into history, but it is well worth it here. Elisha Scott just happens to be one of the best Irish goalkeepers of all time. He is best known for playing for Liverpool from 1912 to 1934. In fact, he still holds the record as being the longest-serving player for Liverpool. Scott passed away in 1959 at the age of 65. He will definitely go down as one of the best Irish athletes the world has ever seen.


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