Referee handed six month ban

    A club referee in County Sligo has been handed a six month ban for verbally abusing a fellow referee.

    Malachy Maher, who is attached to the Curry club, has been given a six month punishment for verbally abusing Eugene MacHale as the county board cracks down on abuse of officials. Maher is the second referee in the county to be banned for abusing another official in the past 12 months. Drumcliffe Rosses Point based Des Henry was banned for two months earlier this year.

    Curry player James Connolly has also been suspended for three months for clashing with St Molaise referee MacHale during the Sligo U-21 championship final between St John’s and Curry in Tourlestrane on November 12. Maher received his suspension for shouting verbal abuse during the match. He was not involved officially, being merely a spectator.

    Connolly was given a straight red in extra-time for shouldering the referee. The official was then surrounded by angry Curry players as his umpires came to his aid at the end of the match. Although Connolly later apologised to the referee, the county board decided to hit him hard with a ban.


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