Ronnie O’Sullivan hints at retirement

    Ronnie O’Sullivan has once again raised the possibility of retirement following his early exit from the UK Championship in York this afternoon.

    O’Sullivan was beaten 6-5 in the second round by Judd Trump, and immediately turned his attentions to his future. The player said that he may need to retire from the sport if he is to have any sort of normal life.

    Arguably the most talented player of his generation, O’Sullivan has struggled with depression and never really fulfilled his immense potential. Following this latest defeat he said:

    “I thought I applied myself today, I feel in a good place and I don’t want to take the shine off Judd but I seriously can’t see me having much longer playing.

    “Even though I’m in a good frame of mind, I don’t want to feel how I feel when I play. My game is not up to scratch, where I would like it to be or where it used to be. It’s not even playing, it’s how I feel in between matches and tournaments. It leaves me feeling quite nervy and anxious and I feel like I’ve had enough of the anxious moments.

    “Having those emotions going round in general, I find quite difficult. I feel really well, the best I have ever done, I just feel some times the truth needs to be told. I’ve given it a really good go, but how long? I don’t know.

    “I want to enjoy my life. I feel like I’ve had a good go, I’m 36 and I would like to meet somebody and share my time with someone. When I’m feeling the way I feel between tournaments I find that very difficult to happen. I think there’s more to life, or there is for me.”

    “I’d like to settle down and do some other things and not have the anxious moments and thoughts that have plagued me,” he added.

    “I will probably try and tough it out for a little bit. Everybody knows I’ve been seeing Dr Steve Peters and he’ll kill me for saying this and opening up like this.

    “I will talk to him and I think for my own piece of mind, my own life, there is life beyond snooker. I still want to work and I’m sure I’ll find stuff to do but I want to share my life with someone. I don’t want to be living on my own, I don’t want to travel around the world on my own feeling anxious, carrying these emotions.

    “To be the real Ronnie, I need to get away from what’s causing the problem.”


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