Russia and the IABA respond after Conlan bout

One thing is for sure after today in the Olympics Michael Conlan should have been awarded the fight, Conlan was by far the better boxer throughout the three round fight and still found himself on the wrong end of the judges’ score cards.


After Conlan’s defeat the AIBA said they are striving for a level playing field, while their Russian counterparts said that boxers should show dignity in defeat. An AIBA spokesman said Conlan was a champions who came to Rio with high expectations and was obviously understandably disappointed after his loss. The spokesman went on to say ‘Afterwards it’s his personal judgement’.


The new scoring system was also spoken off by AIBA Vice President, Tom Vigrets. Speaking about the new points system he said ‘What is different is that in the past you could just be the most aggressive boxer and maybe slap with the glove’. He went on to say further “The idea of technique is that you get more points for an individual that puts together nice combinations, an individual who through tactics makes someone else fight their bout for them.”

“This is just reviewing selected bouts. Then of course if the officials are found to have not been on their game for that day, then they will most likely be removed from the competition for a day or two. Sometimes they’ve lost concentration, we have had 230 bouts.

“The other thing that you’ve got to look at is the parity. Every bout is highly competitive and the margin of difference between these boxers is quite often very, very slim. But still this is an Olympics. We want to get it, not 98% of the time right, we want to get it 100% of the time right. So we’re constantly evaluating ourselves relative to what’s going on. There’s continuous feedback throughout the tournament. As soon as this is over we will review every single bout and we will start taking a look at how do we improve ourselves. We’re in a transition right now, we went from the 2012 points system [computer scoring] to where we are now.”



This is where I personally don’t agree with new scoring system, what happened to the day in the Olympics where you got scored for the number of punches that landed. I believe that this should be re-introduced as it will make it far more exciting, far more enjoyable and far fairer. Put it this way if a boxer was going into the final round on the current scoring system after losing two round out of three 10-9, he will lose the fight overall unless he or she knocks out their opponent in the final round, whereas if they reverted back to the old points scoring system boxers could fight till the last second knowing they may have a chance of winning on overall points. This in my opinion would be far better.


Meanwhile, Russian officials have said had to be respected and boxers should show dignity in defeat, well there is an argument here also. Conlan hands down won the fight. He completely outboxed his opponent and won fair and square, so why should Conlan show dignity in defeat? The head of the Russian delegation at Rio 2016 said ‘The Russians are constantly been accused of something, let’s deal with these things in a dignified way’. Well here is my argument again, if athletes are to behave in a dignified way why have Russia virtually all of their entire track and field team suspended from competing?


Finally, I believe that something is not going down right in AIBA and something has to be an investigation of some sort like that took place on FIFA and their corruption.


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