Scammers Among Us: Download a Casino Client Is the First Sign

The online gaming industry has been thriving steadily, and as we speak, there are hundreds of internet casinos operating on the web, which is far more than what we had a decade ago. However, this incredible development is to some extent a double-edged sword. On one side, we can enjoy a much bigger game collection that brings forth variety for all types of gamblers. And on the other hand, there are lots of dishonest and unscrupulous parties waiting for unsuspecting victims to defraud them of their hard-earned money.

The worst thing about the scammers is that they are usually wolves in sheep clothing and thus, it’s difficult to know whether you are getting scammed or not. This is because scam online casinos tend to look identical to the genuine ones do. The purpose is to dupe you into believing that all is okay and you’re receiving a good deal when in reality, the opposite is regrettably true. Moreover, whether you want to flip the cards or play online Starburst slot for fun or spend real money, you could get duped either way if you aren’t careful enough. That’s because even if you don’t connect a billing method, your other information could be stolen or perhaps suffer through malware attacks. To help you out, we’ve laid down some of the best ways you can detect and avoid online casino scams.

Warning Signs

Even though con online casinos seem to be genuine, there are actually various ways through which they give themselves away. So, to stay safe whenever you decide to register on any gaming site, here are the red flags that should keep you on high alert.

  1. Download a Casino Client

For many unsuspecting online gamers, downloading a casino client is usually the easiest way that scammers use to take advantage of online betting fans. If you did not know, these scammers could easily disguise malware to appear like genuine casino software, but it comes with malware that could start stealing the sensitive information stored on your computer. While most genuine gaming sites come with a download casino client, trustworthy sites will give you the option of playing via the instant-play interface as well. If they insist that you download the casino client without giving you other options, then it’s the first sign that you’ve made a wrong turn!

  1. Lack of Proper Licensing, Security and Fairness Information

Other than being forced to download the casino client, the second easiest sign that a gaming site is trustworthy is through its licensing and security information. A good way to approach this is, first, check the name of the licensing body. Is the body authentic? Does it have a clickable link?  The body should be industry-known such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The license watermark must be proudly displayed, and it should be clickable to take you to the actual license certificate.

The same goes for fairness checks. The house must be regularly audited for fairness by independent firms like eCOGRA and TST to confirm that it uses proper RNGs that don’t have an unfair house edge. For security, on the other hand, the casino should at least have a 128-bit level of security encryption in place.

  1. Dodgy Marketing Techniques

This commonly includes fake marketing of bonuses and promotions, promises that aren’t fulfilled and so much more. Rogue online casinos like creating extreme promotion drives which make great promises but normally, they just contain misleading information or are just lies. The most commonly used technique for this is the welcome bonus. The offer could guarantee you some exceptionally huge rewards but getting it will be a problem.

  1. Unfair Wagering Requirements

These are normally intended to ensure gamers actually never fulfil them and as a result cannot be eligible for withdrawals of winnings. So, the bonus may look quite attractive and easy to claim, but once you take it on, things take an unexpected turn. In such cases, the terms and conditions are established in such a way that only the online casino benefits, not the gamer. Such come with extremely high rollover requirements plus a massive list of omitted games and you will get this list only if you actually dig through their terms and conditions. For most people, this is hard to detect because a lot of gamers never take time to go through the fine-print beforehand. For your own safety, make sure you read the print before you grab the bonus.         

  1. Extremely Delayed or Unpaid Withdrawals:

On many scam sites, players are usually not paid even if they win fair and square. After winning, you will be taken through overly lengthy waiting processing times that could mean waiting for months without getting your money. Moreover, when you try to cash out the house may indicate that there are some terms that you’ve failed to fulfil just to keep you on hold for even longer. At the end of the day, you may not even get paid.

  1. Unanticipated Closure of Accounts

This essentially means that you could wake up one morning and find that you no longer have an account, irrespective of your current balance. The rogue online casino locks out or closes gamer’s accounts without any notice or clarification why and any efforts to recover it won’t bear any fruits. Instead of learning such tough lessons from experience, it is best that you check out reviews from members of the site and see whether there are any such complaints.

  1. Unreliable and Misleading Customer Support Services

Any time you have a problem during your gaming at an online casino, the customer service is always your best option. However, that isn’t the case for scammer casino sites. Any attempt of seeking help from the customer care agents will leave you with erratic solutions to your queries, or options that aren’t practical at all. Scam online casinos usually lie to their gamers, or they’ll simply evade answering critical questions. Again, this is something that you can know if you read the reviews of current members in online gaming forums before you fall into the trap.

Bottom Line

We hope that after reading today’s post, you will be smart enough not to be a victim of the+ internet fraud. Online gaming is intended to offer fun, and the top online casinos offer licensed and controlled play through fair games developed by genuine software providers. Reputable online casinos provide 24/7/365 assistance via live chat, email, and phone. New gamers are embraced with amazing bonuses/promotions and loyalty rewarded with valuable rewards. And that’s the only acceptable form of gambling that any enthusiastic gamer should enjoy!


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