Sebastian Vettel ready for 2012 campaign

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel is hoping that he can improve on a near-perfect season when he returns to the track in 2012.

The German won this year’s world championship by 122 points, winning 11 races and recording 15 poles. Speaking to reporters at Red Bull’s Home Run event in Milton Keynes at the weekend the German said:

“We had a fantastic season this year. It takes some time to realise how special it was. It has been phenomenal. It will be a season that we will look back on and always be very proud of.

“These kinds of seasons don’t happen every year but we’re already focused on next season. Adrian (Newey) and the guys are working hard to get the car ready for next year and we move on.”

Vettel admitted that the Red Bull car’s were almost perfect in 2011, and believed the team could adapt to any new regulations:

“You have to say that this year was pretty smooth – maybe faultless because we had no issues with reliability, except for Brazil but we were still able to finish the race in second place.

“Other than that, nothing went wrong from a car point of view. The retirements we had were Mark (Webber)’s crash in Monza and the puncture I suffered in Abu Dhabi, but car wise and engine wise it was better than expected.

“Everything is built on the limit, we’re pushing in every area and sometimes things might break but this year everything was working fine. The target is to keep that up.

“Next year the cars will be slightly different, not a revolution but the regulations have changed a bit again so we have to adapt and at the moment we are pushing very hard to finalise the car. Then at the beginning of next year we try to put it together, put it on the track and see how it works.

“Hopefully it will be quite reliable from the start but the most important thing is that the car is fast. It’s easier to make a fast car reliable then make a reliable car fast.”

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