Second win in a week at Vermont for Kevin McCarthy & Catch A Star HSS

Kevin McCarthy and Catch A Star HSS at the Vermont Summer Festival. Credit: Andrew Ryback Photography.

Ireland’s Kevin McCarthy and Catch A Star HSS topped the $30,000 Mount Equinox Grand Prix on Saturday to keep their winning streak alive at the Vermont Summer Festival in the USA.

Fresh from a victory in the $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix just seven days prior during week three of the Vermont Summer Festival, McCarthy and Catch A Star HSS returned to contest the fourth week’s Grand Prix track set by Olympic silver medalist Michel Vaillancourt of Canada.

Saturday’s jump-off came down to a five-horse clash, but as the clear pathfinder and the first to return for the short course, McCarthy set a time to beat of 32.83 seconds that would prove uncatchable, securing him the win for the second week in a row.

“We’re on a great roll!” said McCarthy of his recent success with Catch A Star HSS, a nine-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare. “I’m delighted with the win. She’s such a good mare. She’s like a little firecracker. Once the bell goes, she’s all business. She’s almost like a roller coaster. You just sit there and enjoy the ride.”

Coming the closest to catching McCarthy and Catch A Star HSS was Cian McDermott of Wellington, Florida, who finished both in second with a time of 35.96 seconds riding Newcastle, and in third with a time of 40.06 seconds aboard Feliciano van d’n Otterdijk.

Ireland’s Kevin Mealiff was fourth in a time of 32.93 seconds, but with four faults, on Joki de Boerendans.

$30,000 Mount Equinox Grand Prix Result

  1. Kevin McCarthy Ireland Catch A Star HSS 0/0/32.83 seconds.
  2. Cian McDermott Wellington, FL Newcastle 0/0/35.96 seconds.
  3. Cian McDermott Wellington, FL Feliciano van d’n Otterdijk 0/0/40.06 seconds.
  4. Kevin Mealiff Ireland Joki de Boerendans 0/4/32.93 seconds.


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