Sky Sports confirm Eric Bristow Sacking after Pundit refers to Abuse Victims as ‘wimps’

The former Darts World Champion had given his two cents on the recent revelations of sexual abuse at several English football clubs.

Eric Bristow has been sacked by Sky Sports.

The Staffordshire-native has previously acted as a pundit for the broadcaster’s coverage of the Professional Darts Corporation, but Sky have today confirmed that Bristow will no longer be a part of their team:

‘He was a contributor to our darts coverage in the past but we will not be using him in the future.’

The decision of England’s largest sports network to release the pundit will come as no surprise, with Bristow’s disgusting Twitter outburst last night resulting in a deserved storm of abuse online.

His frankly appalling Tweets are listed below:

 Eric 1

Rather than feeling the need to take down his initial Tweet after a public backlash, the five-time World champion decided to clarify that his post was not intended as a homophobic one, completely missing the point…

Eric tweets

The 59-year-old continued to cause outrage amongst members of the public, even attempting an ill-thought out and utterly embarrassing attempt at justifying his previous posts:

Eric 2

Eric 4

The disgraceful attitude displayed by Bristow on the matter of sexual abuse towards males is the very reason why so many footballers have until now chosen to stay quiet regarding the crimes against them.

As anyone with a brain is well aware, instances of abuse can cause life-long damage to the trust and self-esteem of the victims involved, whether male or female.

The opinion that a young male being abused and not doing anything about it makes him less of a man is a backward and outrageously ignorant one.

The words of Eric Bristow have no place in modern society. The 59-year-old should be ashamed of himself and Sky Sports have acted swiftly and correctly.

Steve Walters, one of the brave individuals who has recently spoken out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of former Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell, put it best:



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