Sports: New ‘Women in Sport’ successes in campaigns for better media coverage


SportsNewsIreland has long campaigned for better and more media coverage  of ‘Women in Sport’  and it is extremely encouraging that such as ‘new kid on the block’  have  already covered a number events which would otherwise not have seen much, almost certainly no coverage on National TV.


Last weekend’s boxing from Dungarvan featuring World and Olympic champion Katie Taylor is but one recent example – there have been others too of course.

Long may this continue. Viewers in Ireland, United States, Croatia and Switzerland were able to follow their favourites LIVE as indeed were those in some 180 countries who have an interest in the sport following the success of London 2012 when women’s boxing was first introduced at the games of the 30th Olympiad.


Away from the TV and Media coverage, a further update today from Rob Hartnett, C.E.O of ‘Sport for Business’’ on that company’s excellent campaign to create parity of esteem between men’s and women’s sport, which took a big step forward in Dublin last night when a group of those among our Most Influential Women in Irish Sport gathered at Leinster House to bring a wide range of energy and resource to what can be achieved.


Rob together with Fiona Coghlan and Lisa Clancy had this to say on the evening’s proceedings from the meeting which was hosted by Fine Gael TD Mary Mitchell O’Connor and included representatives from across the business, sporting and education spectrum.


“It’s great to come together and see what can be done to develop awareness and respect for Women’s sport,” said Irish Grand Slam Rugby winning captain Fiona Coghlan.


“We have come away from this meeting with a burst of energy and a list of practical ways in which we can all pull together for an important initiative.”


“It’s important to identify clear actions and that is what we have done” added Lisa Clancy, Director of Communications at the GAA.


“We will take what was discussed at this first meeting of the group and call on the assistance of those who have expressed their willingness to be part of something that can make a real difference to the way that society works for women and girls,” said Rob Hartnett, CEO of Sport for Business.


“In the US 55% of those women occupying senior management positions played sport through to college level.  That compares to 39% in the overall population.  It shows the importance in terms of confidence and self-belief, aside altogether from the fitness and friendship benefits that sport brings.”


“We want to make sure that Ireland is a leader in providing sport for all.”


You can follow the latest on the campaigns from ‘Sport for Business’ here:


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