Taylor and Underwood Womans World Boxing Semi Final Preview

    Katie Taylor tonight fights for a place in Saturday’s World Championships final when she takes on the Champion of the United States, Quanitta Lee Underwood (better knows as Queen) at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex in Barbados.
    When last they met ,at National Stadium ,Taylor won 30-3 but tonight’s fight is likely to be much closer.Underwood has been one of the outstanding boxers at these championships.Irish fans know all about Katie Taylor but who is Quanitta Lee Underwood?

    Dubbed “Queen of the Ring” in the United States she was born on 8 May 1984 in Seattle,Washington where her coach is noted American coach Cappy Kotz. She began boxing in 2003 and is multi title holder of championship belts in the USA Nationals and at the Continental tournament too,most recently earlier in 2010. She rarely thinks about the competition” – ” My own self is my own competition”, she says. “I always wanted to fight after watching my Uncle fight as a child – I just had to be very patient”.

    Cites “Poetic Justice” as her favourite movie and rarely watches TV . Is also a more than competent musician having been a member of a well known Orchestra in Seattle where she
    was for some five years before resuming a boxing career. Plays the viola. Tonight though she may find it is Taylor who is pulling the strings.

    They have met twice – Taylor also won convincingly when they met in Athy, Co. Kildare also in December and the Irish star has been ‘looking forward ‘ to these World Championships all year having treated other events inc the European Union gold medal as part of her training programme. Despite Underwood’s success in Barbados it will be a big surprise if Taylor does not emerge again as victor tonight. So who will be “Queen of the Ring” tonight? My money is on Taylor who is showing some of the best form of her career in these championships.But it will be crucial that she starts well and gets on top by end of round one for Underwood always excels when she gets a good start but has a tendency to fade away if her opponent gains the upper hand.

    The winner meets Cheng Dong or Danuse Dilhofova tomorrow


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