The Best Casino VIP Clubs

If you at all enjoy gambling and are passionate about it, you’ve probably thought about the fact that some casinos offer exclusive VIP membership. This tends to come with a slew of amazing perks that are not so easily dismissed, considering the potential benefits of them.  Still, you need to be careful in choosing where to invest your time and money, in order to make the best path for yourself.

It’s somewhat difficult, making this choice. There are thousands of casinos you can pick from and it’s only made worse when they don’t tell you the requirements or benefits of VIP status up front. Informative sites that you might stumble upon like exist for this very reason, to help people struggling with these issues out and give them a way to make an informed choice. Let’s now look at the top 7 best VIP casino programs, because everyone knows 7 is a lucky number.


The 7 Best Casinos for your VIP Needs


It needs to be noted, in general, that all VIP programs tend to be a bit vague, at times. Either in what they offer when you do become a VIP or even more often, what precisely you need to do to become one. These are among the best offers out there, with some advice on how to become their VIP member and why you would want to.


  1. Casino Cruise’s Captain’s Club

In general, the system offered here, while a bit vague, is definitely great and simple. You just need to earn loyalty points by playing, even if you don’t know how many you need to earn, precisely. Once you’ve hit that threshold, you’re in and one of their VIPs, officially.

They’ll first want you to take advantage of their 3 levels of exclusive, amazing suites, which tend to be unbelievably luxurious. On top of that, you get anniversary gifts and birthday gifts, personalized and speedy support, benefits that make your life easier, like fast withdrawals and an account manager. You also get access to VIP only events and offers that tend to be very lucrative.


  1. 32 Red Casino’s Club Rogue

More defined, this casino asks you to rack up 10,000 loyalty points before they consider inviting you to join the ranks of their VIPs. As a concession to their patrons, they do allow for emails that explain why you feel you deserve VIP status and they will review all of them.

Beyond the normal promotions and additional perks, you also get Red Rubies, which are additions to your now larger influx of loyalty points and can be exchanged for real money at any time, no requirements needed. On your birthday you even get around a 100$ of them as a gift.


  1. Leo Vegas

With an impressive 99 levels of progression, this casino offers you the experience of a VIP doing your best to remain a VIP and get yet more rewards.

The levels offer progressively higher tiers of rewards, ranging from no payment needed to withdraw money and electronics as gifts all the way to very personalized and meticulously crafted rewards, making sure that you feel valued and appreciated.


  1. 888 Casino

This casino’s VIP club is invite-only, so standing out actually tends to be your best bet and strategy.

For reaching VIP status, you are awarded not only a first-time bonus but you get bonuses for every week you are one. On top of prize draws and everything else those entail, you get weekend events and even get tickets to major sports games or concerts, often with amazing seats.


  1. Paddy Power

You need to be consistent and very persistent in playing at this casino, to reach level 5 and become a proper VIP. There’s a vetting process involved as well, which could turn you away, even with that. Another requirement is a minimum of 3 months as a member.

The perks are well worth it, though, as they can end up reducing the costs and upping your winnings by up to 25%, just at the start.

  1. EU Casino

A bit of an oddity, they offer perks to everyone, but only the top 3 levels of 6 are true VIPs. You need over 2000 points with them, which can end up costing over half a million dollars to wager.

One interesting perk, asides from the regular faster payouts, exclusive offers and so on is the chance to test new games as they come in, often times with very lucrative bonuses for doing so.


  1. William Hill Live Casino

Secretive about their process, this casino is invitation-only with its VIP club.

They offer multiple levels of VIP privileges, with an exclusive manager being just the start. One major benefit is that they are focused on providing a range of enticing offers to both their physical and online casino goers, catering to all VIPs.



Ideally, this overview of the best VIP clubs helped you make a decision on where you want to aim for that status. Best of luck getting there!


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