The celebs who have turned to vaping

When Vinnie Jones advocates something, you tend to listen. So it’s little surprise that vapour emitting e-cigarettes have risen in prominence, overtaking quit-smoking aids such as nicotine gum and patches in popularity. This BBC report details a tripling in the number of e-cigarette users since 2010, an increase most likely due to the ease with which vaping can be taken up – an atomizer, e-liquid and power source, like Phoenix e-cig batteries, are all that is needed.


Famous faces help to persuade us that it’s a viable option, too. Actor and former footballer Jones’ e-cigarette ad, as described here in the Guardian, is one of the most high profile examples of a celebrity endorsing e-cigarettes. Here, we’ve listed more famous faces who have swapped smoking for vaping.


John Cusack

The Say Anything and Love and Mercy actor famously used to chain-smoke in limousines to and from premieres. He gave up smoking about a decade ago and has taken up vaping instead. “I like to smoke these in restaurants just to freak people out. It’s just water vapour,” he said in an interview with The Sudbury Star.


Charlie Sheen

For a man arguably as famous for his vices as his acting, Charlie Sheen’s endorsement of vaping is such an eyebrow raiser that it can’t fail to raise awareness of the smoker’s alternative. While it’s unclear whether Sheen has kicked the tobacco habit entirely, his vaping predilection is genuine. He’s a partner in and the face of his own e-cigarette company.


Simon Cowell

The man budding pop stars everywhere love to hate quit smoking in 2012 after suffering a health scare. The music mogul now prefers the act of vaping, as he believes it sits better in his new, healthier lifestyle.


Lindsay Lohan

Much like Charlie Sheen, Lohan has lingered in tabloid headlines due to her taste for some of life’s unhealthier temptations. However, her recently acquired low profile seems to have coincided with a new preference for e-cigarettes over tobacco.


Kate Moss

Although smoking is rife in the modelling industry thanks in no small part to its appetite suppressing qualities, it does have rather a large drawback, aside from the well-documented health issues it causes. Cigarettes make a heavy smoker look far older than they actually are. Kate Moss cottoned on to vaping as a less-aging means of getting her nicotine hit, once purportedly paying £2,000 to fly her preferred brand of e-cigarettes from the UK to Spain.


Zayn Malik

As well as quitting boy band One Direction, Malik’s other major lifestyle change caused far fewer teen tears to flow. His switch from tobacco smoking to vaping has been well publicised in the many photos published of him since the split.


Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor who brought the excesses of financial trader Jordan Belfort to life in The Wolf of Wall Street has been spotted on countless occasions puffing on an e-cig rather than a tobacco version. One of Hollywood’s most bankable stars clearly has an eye on his longevity on-screen and off.


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