The Hottest Cricket Events Review and Discussion

Few would disagree with the fact that cricket is an international sport that becomes more popular every day.

Considering the fact that the cricket community is huge, the latest and hottest events are always interesting.

One of the most recent events in the cricket community: Virat Kohli may soon lose his number one spot in ICC Test Rankings. Virat Kohli, an Indian right-handed batsman, who is rightfully considered to be one of the best cricket players in the world has been the number one in ICC Test Rankings for several years now. Nevertheless, it is reported that he may lose the spot. Steve Smith, who is a thirty-year-old Australian player has come close by the scores to Virat Kohli. The Indian batsman remains first with 922 points, while Steve holds the second place with 913 points.

Another piece of news is related to the famous Australian player Steve Smith has to do with his latest concussion suspicion. During the fourth day of the Ashes Test series, Steve Smith had an unfortunate situation. He was hit by an English cricketer Jofra Archer. After the incident took place, there was a possibility of taking Steve off the game because of the possibility of concussion. 

However, the Australian team doctor decided to let the batsman continue playing in the game. He said that he did not show signs of concussion and it was unreasonable to take him off the field. The colleges of the doctor supported him by stating that they would have to pull out the majority of the cricketers from the games as these hits happen constantly. However, some people argue that this hit between Steve and Jofra was a deliberate action to eliminate one of the strongest players in the world.

Stay with us to be informed and see how the events develop.



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