The legality of online gambling in Ireland

Ireland’s efforts to modernise its gambling-related regulatory infrastructure, making amends and modifications to the gambling laws, in order to expand them continuously has resulted in gambling becoming more prevalent in the country. All possible steps have been taken to allow the country to not just participate, but compete in the present-day global tech-driven gambling industry.

The experts from the country have done enough to position themselves effectively in this vast multi-billion dollar industry, going beyond their domestic boundaries. It can be comfortably stated that Ireland is indeed rapidly becoming an active player in the world’s gambling marketplace. They have expanded the smart way and have scaled their operations in line with their resources, giving the other European regions a run for their money.

There are a wide range of gambling opportunities available throughout Ireland, ranging from poker games, casino games, lotteries and more. Online gambling has also caught on very well with the Irish gamblers through their domestic gambling portals and legally licensed offshore gambling websites. Both domestic and offshore portals offer an attractive range of new casino offers from time to time. You can go through the best new online casinos for 2019 by clicking on the link.


So, is it legal to gamble in Ireland?

Yes, the Irish law allows for regulation of all kinds of online and land-based gambling within the country’s borders. Their efforts to stay relevant in the gambling marketplace of the world have made them a pro-gambling nation, with all kinds of legally sanctioned options to indulge in gambling. These gambling platforms cover sports books, casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms and more. Not just the domestic entities, the country is also open to offshore gambling businesses and has drafted its laws in a way that the choice is left to the Irish residents which platform they’d like to go with.


More on online gambling in Ireland

As mentioned above, online gambling is absolutely legal in Ireland. The gambling laws of the country allow Irish citizens to play at both offshore as well as domestic certified portals as long as they are legally licensed. The various online gambling entertainment means in Ireland include online poker rooms, online bingo, online sports betting and online casinos. With the Gambling Control Bill expected to come into play this year, it is expected that the Irish gambling industry will come under the same kind of regulation as in the neighbouring United Kingdom.

The leaders of the country do recognise the potential of revenue streams from online casino industry and are doing everything possible within their means to create an environment where both online and land-based operators can flourish in a well regulated environment. This has also led to a huge rise in popularity of mobile betting and betting apps in the country.

Popular and recommended online gambling sites

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