The rise of BMX

Over the years, BMX has gone from strength to strength. Its roots grew in California and now they’ve spread across the world. People of all ages love the sport and it isn’t hard to understand why. BMX bikes are designed to be taken off the road and used on rough terrain. You can go exploring and race competitively. It’s a mixture of adrenaline and adventure, all wrapped up into one bike. So how did BMX go from a  California past time to a global phenomenon?

The Olympics

BMX was originally started in California during the 60’s, inspired by motocross. – as that name suggestions – it’s  cross-country racing on motorcycles.  It became apparent that BMX had a lot more in common with cycling rather than motorcycling, and it was integrated into the International Cycling Union. BMX made its Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008. The world got to see the wonders of BMX and the worldwide platform put the sport on the map. Fast forward ten years later and the world of BMX is booming.


A large number of people who get involved with BMX do it on a competitive basis. In the UK alone there are so many BMX events every year, both at regional and local levels. BMX races offer that much more of adrenaline rush compared to classic cycling. The race tracks are usually made up of tight bends, jumps and a variety of obstacles. It’s more of an extreme event, it’s both addicting to watch and participate in.

All Ages

However, it’s not all about competitions. People of all ages can get involved with BMX, riders can start as young as three or four. You don’t need to be intimated, it’s a style of riding you can pick up. There are even online tutorials you can watch to give you some tips for tricks. It’s popular amongst children – and adults alike – as it offers a real sense of adventure. Rather than your traditional bicycle, a BMX allows you to get off the roads and get exploring. It’s important you get the right bike for you. SkateHut offers a brilliant range of bikes, and you’re bound to find one that fits your needs.


BMX isn’t extreme all the time. Plenty of people indulge in it as a hobby over the weekend. As previously mentioned, the style of bike means it can go across lots of terrain. There are plenty of biking trails in mountains and parks, which people can ride along. You should be able to find a local BMX group in your neighbourhood. They’ll know the best routes. You could become part of the booming BMX society. Not only can you meet new people, but also discover an exciting, and more active lifestyle.


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