Ticket sandel – Hickey to be placed under house arrest

A judge in Rio de Janeiro has recommended that Pat Hickey be freed from prison and placed under house arrest.


Mr Hickey, is currently being held by Brazilian police in relation to alleged mis-selling of tickets for the Olympic Games. Judge Fernando Antonio de Almeida cited Hickey’s critical health before recommending that the 71 year old be placed under ‘domicile imprisonment, in other words, house arrest.


The Brazilian judge said that to date Hickey’s imprisonment was based on generic presumptions and that his potential liberation from jail would not put at risk the public order or application of penal law. He also outlined that precautionary imprisonment can only be used when the maximum time servable is 4 years or less.


Hickey has temporarily stepped down from his role as President of the Olympic Council of Ireland during the investigation and he is currently been held in a maximum security prison in Rio following his arrest on the 18th of August.


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