Time for Shelbourne Park protest to finish now Harolds Cross is sold

Dept of Education’s offer to buy Harolds Cross for €23million has been accepted, so is it time to end the strikes at Shelbourne Park.

That is the question on all greyhound fans in Dublin, there has been no Greyhound racing at Shelbourne Park since February when the closure of Harolds Cross was confirmed. Since then the Dublin Greyhound, Owners & Breeders Association (DGOBA) have had a protest blockade on racing at the Dublin venue.

The closure has seen the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) incur a loss of €300,000 in revenue while the unfortunate disruption has seen greyhound trainers and owners lose out on €250,000 in prize money.

But many fans think that Harolds Cross should never have been closed and that its only due to mismanagement at the IGB and the amount they spent on the Limerick greyhound stadium (it cost €21 million) that lead to the closure of Dublin’s second track.

But the money is now spent in Limerick and the IGB owes over €20million so they needed to sell something and they have got their money and one Dublin track is better than no Dublin track and one has to think is the strike continues the 170 jobs at Shelbourne Park will be under threat.

We have heard that most of the leading owners and trainers from Harolds Cross are quite happy with the deal that the IGB have offered, so it might be time for some of the leading participants in the protest to realise that the deal is done, the stadium is sold and all they are doing now is costing everyone money by stopping racing at Shelbourne Park.

Personally, I think it’s a real pity that Harolds Cross had to be closed, once these places are closed you are not going to get anymore sporting stadia in the City. So please dont make it a total disaster and both greyhound tracks closed down. So enter talks and get the racing back on ASAP.



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