Top Tips To Help Keep Your Golf Cart Working Better

Playing golf, you will face a vast number of pitfalls and challenges until you finally master this sport. You will have to overcome many obstacles while looking for the best golf equipment sites, choosing the right style of play and polishing your technique. But one of the worst obstacles ever is when your cart is not running well, which spoils your mood and can negatively reflect on the way you perform on the course. Many players don’t take this into account, but, in fact, you have to take decent care of your cart in order to keep it running strong!

In this article, we have gathered the top five tips on smart battery maintenance that will help you ensure stable and smooth work of your golf cart.


  • Use Your Cart Regularly


Some players prefer to store their carts somewhere safe and only use it once in a while, and they are wrong! The batteries inside those carts always last longer and perform better when you are using them regularly. This is especially vital in the summer when it is extremely hot outside – during this time, you have to give your cart a shot of juice even more often in order to ensure its stable work.


  • Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Battery Hygiene


One thing many cart owners tend to forget is keeping their batteries clean, and it is in vain. With such an attitude you risk damaging your battery. Instead, you have to clean it at least once a month. We recommend doing this with baking soda and water to protect your battery from corrosion. Additionally, you need to cover the cables with a non-corrosion spray to protect it from gunk and rust.


  • Don’t Purchase A Cheap Charger


The quality of a battery charger you buy defines the durability of your cart’s battery. If you choose a high-quality one, it will automatically enable a refresher charge when your vehicle is plugged in but not used. This will keep it ready for you. At the same time, if you go cheap on a charger, it may overcharge the battery, which is always a bad thing. Thus, it is better to opt for one that automatically cuts off the juice when the battery has reached a full charge.


  • Don’t Drive Too Far


Depending on the level of your game, you may not use your cart too much or, on the contrary, use too much battery juice by the midst of the game. Good advice is to keep an eye on the charge indicator and not let it go below 20% and the second rule is to always give it about 8-10 hours to recharge even if you have only used it for a short time.


  • Water Your Battery


Each time you finish another round, you should think of giving your cart’s battery a sip of distilled water. It is vital to keep an eye on the water balance, so make it a rule to check the holes of each cell and ensure that the level of water stays at least ¼ inch above the plates. If this level drops to ½ inch, more acid will accumulate on the battery tops. And if you let it get completely dry, your game may finish at that point.

One more quick tip – make sure your water your battery only when it was fully charged.

Final Words

The tips mentioned above should help you keep playing even if you are planning to go over many holes. Use these tricks in practice, and we promise that you will not have to stress out because of your golf cart.


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