UFC 238: Cejudo vs Moraes Preview and Prediction

This should be contested right down to the wire. Both fighters have identical traits and both fighters are also stylistically polar opposites. Cejudo, is an Olympic gold medallist in free style wrestling. Moraes is a man with lethal kicks that have seen the likes of Aljamain Sterling put to sleep. Both men have garnered a decent amount of respect for their ability to finish in the Octagon, but they tend to have different ways of going about it. Check out the prediction to then make a bet on the best betting site in UK 22BET.

A Look at Henry Cejudo

The first thing to consider is that Cejudo favours a good takedown and those takedowns are what secured him a split decision victory against Demetrius Johnson, a previously reigning champion for 6 years prior. The most dangerous ability Cejudo has is his takedowns and top game. When Cejudo gets on top, he stays there and makes life difficult for his opponents. Multiple opponents tend to spend a lot of their energy just mitigating his damage potential on the ground.


His stand-up is surprisingly adept for an archetypal wrestler, but his inability to consistently check leg kicks could be a problem, especially against the likes of Marlon Moraes. His punches can be devastating in close, but he might not get that close with Moraes.

Marlon Moraes at a Glance

Moraes is a sight to behold in the Octagon. Sterling wasn’t the first man Moraes knocked out with a head kick and I doubt he’ll be the last. When Moraes gets into the cage he always likes to go for a knockout. What makes Moraes a unique fighter is his ability to counter punches with kicks so consistently it makes me worried for Cejudo.


Moraes boasts absolute cannons on both his legs, and with fast and fancy footwork on top it can make it hard to keep track of where his legs are, making it even harder to keep track of where they’ll be next. Moraes’ most worrying quality for the Cejudo camp is his tendency to like to brutally punish his opponent’s legs early to make his footwork that much more of an advantage.

Cejudo vs Moraes Prediction

Henry Cejudo coming up from flyweight to take on Moraes in a bantamweight setting puts him at a disadvantage straight away. There’s an added disadvantage of Moraes’ love of leg kicks early on and a lethal headkick that has brilliant accuracy. Cejudo has lots to worry about.


It’s not all fun and games for Moraes however, as Cejudo’s takedown ability if he can land it will put Moraes in a tough spot that he may well not come out of until the end of the round if he’s lucky. The ground is a very dangerous place for Moraes. Cejudo will need to check the leg kicks that almost lost him the fight against Johnson that secured him his first belt if he has any hope of winning a second.


Cejudo’s focus needs to be on takedowns and closing the distance to avoid kicks if he has any hope of surviving Moraes. That said, Moraes has things to worry about as well. This fight will go one of two ways, it will either be an all-out-brawl, or it’ll be a not so action-packed chess match where Moraes looks to land kicks and Cejudo looks to go to ground. Just like many Cejudo VS Moraes predictions, our money for this fight would have to be on Moraes though, as Cejudo’s inability to check leg kicks consistently will see him immobilised and picked off if he’s not careful.


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