Vet James Main struck off by RVCS

    James Main, the vet involved in the episode that saw Nicky Henderson being fined and banned from making entries for three months in 2009, was last night struck off from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons register of vets for his part in the affair.

    Main, who had been Henderson’s main vet since 1992 up until the positive test of the Queen’s Moonlit Path for tranexamic acid at Huntingdon in February 2009, had admitted injecting Moonlit Path with TA on the morning of her racecourse debut, February 19, 2009, and in doing so knowing that he was in breach of the rules of racing.

    At the RCVS disciplinary hearing in London, Main was found guilty of additional charges including that he had injected Moonlit Path when he knew that to do so would be in breach of the rules and that he had dishonestly concealed the use of TA in his clinical records.

    After learning the results Main said: “I am deeply shocked and disappointed. The prospect of not being able to earn a living as a vet is a matter of grave concern and I would like a bit of time to consider my options with my legal advisers as to whether I appeal to the privy council or not.

    “This whole process has been a drawn out and painful saga and I wish to apologise to all those involved for this regrettable episode.”


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