Walk together for life – Galway Saturday 24th May

A Walk of Life will take place in Galway on Saturday 24th May- the walk is being organised by Níall and Mary McDonagh who are trying to create awareness by remembering the loved ones people have lost whilst also portraying a positive message of life.


“The walk and mass is open to everyone but if you are feeling isolated, depressed, struggling with life or are affected by suicide please do come along. We want to walk, talk, help, share and listen so we can take steps together to a brighter future,” explained Níall.


A mass with testimony will take place in Galway Cathedral at 12 noon, followed directly by a Walk of Life through Galway. The two mile walk will take in the cities streets and bridges.


Níall commented, “With depression and suicide being an ever present problem within our society, and particularly Galway, we have decided to create awareness by remembering those we have lost and to also portray a positive message of life. This walk is for everyone and we would encourage parents to bring children along to the mass and walk, our young people can never be reminded frequently enough that fulfillment and happiness is there to be sought in life through faith, hope and love.”


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