Was Ger Loughnane Right to Launch Attack on Donal Og?

Ger Loughnane has become the latest high-profile name to launch an attack on Donal Og Cusack following the former Cork goalkeeper’s controversial appearance on the Sunday Game last weekend.

In the aftermath of the All-Ireland semi-final between Wexford and Tipperary, many viewers voiced their frustrations as the highlights show chose to discuss Waterford’s failings in 2016 and the influence of British culture in relevance to the sweeper system, plus debates surrounding education and inter-county hurlers, rather than reflect on a fantastic weekend of hurling.

Og Cusack has also added fuel to the fire in recent days by signalling his intention to become the Cork hurling manager, despite a complete lack of experience. 

Loughnane, writing in today’s Daily Star, refused to hold back on his opinions of former Waterford manager Derek McGrath and Og Cusack, branding them ‘muppets’ who hold ‘pathetic egos’:

“It’s true what Joe Brolly says. Stupid, confident people are taking over the world. The whole thing was contrived, it didn’t happen by chance. They just set up Des Cahill and nobody cried stop.”

“So it became all about justifying themselves with both exposing their pathetic egos. McGrath was even crying about what someone had said about him on The Sunday Game three years ago and Cusack comically brought up British rule in Ireland.”

“At that stage, the producer should have shoved both of them out the exit door and left the rest of the programme to the excellent Brendan Cummins. The magical weekend of hurling was nearly ruined by two eejits of megalomaniacs behaving like Statler and Waldorf on The Muppet Show.”

The sentiments of Loughnane have been echoed around the country in recent days, with calls for the national broadcast to axe both as pundits and focus more on the tactical analysis of games rather than dwell upon the past. But you could get 100/1 with bookies apps on Android that the lads will be sacked

In relation to McGrath, criticism has also been aimed at the De La Salle man for his lament of the past and situations during his tenancy as the Deise manager. 

Loughnane is one of many of the belief that the game can never move forward if those involved in it’s broadcasting continually live in the past and make efforts to keep themselves relevant rather than focus on the topic at hand.

It will be interesting to see what response the targets make to his comments, but it is certain that it won’t be the last of a very public disagreement.


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