Watch: Fox Sound man gets Steamrolled by Linval Joseph pre-game

Thankfully, the man in question escaped with just a few bumps and bruises.

Before last night’s NFL matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals, one individual found out the hard way why you should never cross the path of an NFL Defensive Tackle.

Bernie Beaudry is a sound man for Fox Sports. Pre-game yesterday, he was setting up his equipment, as he would on any other day.

But clearly Bernie had forgotten something vital, because just as the Vikings were stepping out of the tunnel and onto the field, the Fox employee decided to risk running across the path of the Minnesota players.

It was a risk which was very much NOT worth taking.

Unfortunately for Beaudry, he is a normal-sized human being. The players whom he was running out in front of however… Not so much.

And while stepping in front of any NFL star would likely see you floored, stepping in front of Linval Joseph could potentially see you killed…

Joseph is 6ft4, 329 pounds. He’s basically a fridge on legs.

And he makes a living from smashing up similar sized superhumans.

Ol’ Bernie never had a chance…

When it’s not your night, it’s just not your night.

A Tweet from a member of press thankfully put to bed any fears over the sound man’s wellbeing…


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