What Makes King Casino Special?

Industry statistics released in May 2019 indicate that the UK gambling market is worth some £14.5 billion per annum. It’s a staggering figure and shows just how valuable the sector is across Great Britain.


The figures hint at a boom time for the industry but they also underline the competitive nature of gambling in the UK. While there may have been issues for physical casinos and betting shops in the last 18 months, there have been no such problems for the online side of the business.


New operators set up online on a regular basis and while there is always room for more, it is tough to really be unique and thrive. So what are companies doing to stand out from an increasing crowd? Every operator is different but in this review, we’ll take a look at what King Casino are doing in order to make their presence felt.




The King Casino brand may be a new name for some online casino players but they are part of the familiar Jupiter Gaming group. A Jersey based company, Jupiter Gaming offer a number of casino providers as part of their umbrella and the familiarity with the name will lead to trust among the playing community.


King Casino are also licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They are, therefore, ticking all the boxes when it comes to online trust and security but that’s a basic requirement for all online casinos. The question is, what are they doing to stand out from the rest?


Welcome Aboard and Let’s Stick Around


Most, if not all online casinos will offer some form of welcome bonus in order to get new customers through the door. Players will expect to be incentivised at the start of their journey and while those needs are generally met, not every operator continues to reward loyalty.


Whilst it’s great to build an early customer base, it has to be sustained or players will walk away and, let’s face it, they’re not exactly short of choice in terms of where to play.


All promotions at King Casino are subject to change but at the time of writing, new players can earn up to £150.00 on their first two deposits plus, there are 50 free spins up for grabs. Offering free spins at the slots is a common way for online casinos to attract new customers but, compared to other deals that are out there, 50 is a seriously generous amount. There is, in addition, a good choice of slot games on which these spins can be used.


For some online casinos, that would be enough but this company recognises the need to reward player loyalty. As such, a dedicated loyalty programme is in place while King Casino also commit to providing regular monthly offers and promotions.


Once again, any deals will be subject to change but the fact that promos are in place for regular players is a big boost and another reason why this online casino stands out from the rest.


Your Choice


Along with the need for value comes the desire for choice. Players want bonuses but they won’t hang around at a casino if there isn’t much going on in terms of games. That question is addressed through a host of table games including all three common variants of roulette – French, American and European. Blackjack is covered extensively too while Baccarat is a historic and much-loved game among regular casino players.


Along with the classic versions of each game, there are some interesting variations including Baccarat Squeeze, Immersive Roulette and European Blackjack.


Of course, there are hundreds of slot titles too including themed games and those with huge, progressive jackpots. This is a busy area of the casino industry and this operator is quick to add new games as they come on board.


In summary, the choice is exceptional and it’s being added to on a regular basis.


Help When it’s Needed


As we’ve seen, this operator goes the extra mile on key areas such as choice of games and value in promotions but they’ve taken care of the basic elements too. The website is logically laid out and it’s easy to navigate around with prominent links to the three main areas – casino, live casino and lottery.


Once inside each room, the key functionality continues with lists of games laid out in a logical order. When there are hundreds of casino slot titles available, it can be tricky to stop the website from becoming complicated and confusing but that isn’t the case here.


It’s also very easy to find help and this comes, initially from a chat button at the top right of the screen. In the modern day, most customers prefer not to wait for an answer to their queries and the good news here is that most issues can be answered instantly and in real time.


Lastly, a good range of funding options completes a strong infrastructure.


Rising Up


It is so tough, particularly for new casino operators, to get a voice in such a crowded industry but there are reasons why King Casino really stand out. Those support services are in place but for most players, the key to a long term partnership lies in two core areas – choice and value.


This specific operator meets the dual challenge here with 100s of traditional casino games, including slots, plus a live casino room to match the ‘Las Vegas’ experience. Value comes through with an opening deal while, unlike some of their competitors, this provider looks after their players with ongoing offers for the life of their account.


It’s a great package and, even among the long-established operators, it’s one that is proving hard to beat.




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