Why Irish Crossfit and Football Athletes Use Hemp or CBD for Muscle Pain Recovery’s


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The revolution and acceptance of the benefits of hemp and CBD in nearly every aspect of our lives continue to roll on. Every day, new research seems to emerge that shows that cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp have a beneficial impact on our health. It also seems to have a positive effect cosmetically as they have good antiaging properties, and now it seems that athletes all over the world are using it to assist recovery after intense training sessions and matchday performances.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

It is important to note that CBD is the non-psychoactive aspect of cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the part that gets you high. It is rarely used in medical, cosmetic, or sporting fields.

Pro athletes tend to source the best CBD oils in Ireland to remain in good condition and to speed up recovery. More information on this can be found here.

Products take the form of capsules or creams which when applied bring about the following benefits to crossfit atheltes and football players.

Pain Relief

For some time now CBD and hemp are being used to bring pain relief. Research suggests that inflammatory pain can be greatly reduced using products of this kind. The reason for this is not entirely understood but it appears that CBD and hemp bind to pain receptors in the muscles to bring relief.

This not only keeps your pain at least to a manageable level but it speeds up your recovery getting you match fit faster. This enables you to train at a higher level and more effectively.

Speeds up Recovery

Talk to any sports coach and they can talk at length about the importance of recovery in sport. This is the idea behind rest days and its importance can never be overstated. When you use CBD or hemp on those tired muscles, recovery benefits are realised sooner meaning you are free to hit the gym and you have less discomfort.

From a team performance point of view, having this recovery aid is invaluable.

Relieve Performance Stress

Professional sport is a stressful arena with great expectations placed on athletes 24/7. This can lead to all kinds of anxiety issues such as unable to sleep, and unable to focus during events and matches, and invariably this leads to bad performances.

CBD and hemp can help you manage this stress and stay focused on events so you always give your best performance.

Nobody understands exactly how CBD and hemp relieve stress, but it is believed that they bind to receptors in the central nervous system to bring calm and focus to an athlete.

The benefits of CBD and hemp are becoming clearer all the time. As research continues, our understanding will increase resulting in better products that boost your performance and keep your mind focused on events and matches that matter.

If you want to improve your performance overall, you may want to consider hemp or CBD as a performance aid. It is good practice to talk to a doctor and other specialists before purchase.

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