Will Online Gambling Really ‘Follow Right Behind’ Legal Sports Betting?

Betting, with or without money involved, has always been controversial. People have always been divided over whether one should bet. And when it comes to talking about sports betting and casinos, things get even more serious.

This kind of betting involves predicting the outcome of a game/sports and placing wagering or money on the outcome. It varies with sports and culture and takes place at both amateur and professional level. Football, basketball, baseball are sports most popular among those who prefer sports betting. It sometimes also extends to non-athletic events like politics and reality shows.


You Bet versus sports betting!


While placing bets among friends for petty little things is considered just a part of one’s life, betting and casinos have much higher stakes and ethics involved with them. While everyone knows that sports’ betting is prevalent, what creates buzz is whether it should be legalised. Many arguments have been voiced for and against Legalizing Betting. Online Sports Centres and Casinos like Casino Pros have their own opinion regarding the legalization issue. Demand for legal sports betting will open the opportunity to Legalize Online Gambling too.


Let’s consider some points regarding betting and the arguments provided:


  • Betting in sports and online gambling are already legalised in few states and countries.

  • The gaming industry in such states is said to be reaping benefits.

  • Betting does exist and not legalizing it gives a boost to the unorganised betting system.

  • The unorganised Betting system does more harm to the players and society often giving rise to crimes.

  • Betting on sports and online gambling goes hand in hand when it comes to being legalised voice online casinos like Casino Pros.

  • Legalising sports betting and online gambling will help boost the gaming industry.

  • A few centres which do have the permit to run licensed sports betting take undue advantage of their unique position and create a problem for players.

  • The laws and regulations regarding sports betting need to be reformed and better suited for today’s generation.

  • The naysayers argue that legalising this kind of betting and online gambling will kill the existing brick and mortar sports facilities and casinos.

  • Legalising sports betting will help bring forth the millions which go unnoticed and untaxed in the underground sports gambling.


Sports betting and online gambling go on anyway. Whether or not they should be legalised is for the Government to decide. If they do say a yes to legalising betting on sports, the online casinos will leave no stone unturned to get the legalisation for them too. Sports’ betting is often touted as a precursor to online gambling. The Government, lawmakers, sports authorities and online casinos should really come together and take the matter up close and personal and come up with a solution to the best of everyone’s interest.


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