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Decades ago, every sci-fi movie or television show was crammed full of unthinkable technology, much of which has now become a reality and now we have the Wink Bingo App.

While we haven’t yet invented the tractor beam, global communication software now matches that seen in Star Trek, with an estimated 94% of UK adults now owning a smartphone.

Wink BingoTechnological advances mean that new and improved smartphones are launching almost every month. And with the development of portable hardware, has come a booming market for software developers. For any company wishing to compete for consumers’ time and money, a functional app is an absolute must. While smartphones and tablets are all capable of internet browsing, a downloadable app has become the preferred option for a number of reasons: they are customisable, save data, run offline and reduce loading times.

One area where apps have become a valuable commodity is in the remote gambling industry. They can support high-quality animations and swap easily between multiple tabs without having to reload pages. Apps are proving particularly popular with the new generation of online bingo players, with Wink Bingo coming across as a firm favourite.


The brand of Wink Bingo was purchased by 888 Holdings in 2009 and has become the flagship site in their Joy of Bingo network – a group of sites that allow players to share rewards accrued from different games and swap them for unique prizes. Bingo in the UK is primarily marketed towards women, the Wink Bingo site offers a wide variety of bingo games in different rooms and with different prizes. Players can enjoy the traditional 90-ball format, American 75-ball games, and 5 line bingo rooms. Some games are free to play and prizes range from a guaranteed winning to progressive jackpots.

For anyone looking to give it a go, the Wink Bingo app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download it from your phone or tablet’s app store or directly from Wink Bingo themselves using the QR codes on their website. Register on the site or directly with the app.


The app mirrors the fun pop art design of the site. Bright, eye-catching colours frame the pages and draw you in. The layout is very easy to navigate – tabs on the bottom of the app let you switch between games, chat and your information. There’s also a tab for paying money in and winnings out.

Under the bingo tab you will find a slider along the top that lets you choose your room type. You can easily change between the different types, like regular games, bonus games and free games. Wink Bingo have a unique offer for new players that gives them access to the special ‘Newbies’ room. This room offers small prizes but allows players who have just registered to play for free.

The games are all 75-ball bingo and it really is the best way to get a feel for bingo and learn how to not only play the game but use the app as well. There are hundreds of winning design combinations on the 75-ball cards, so each game feels different to the last. A graphic in the top left corner shows you the prize rows for the current game, plus the app highlights your cards differently to show winning and non-winning numbers. The app even reorganises your cards – if you bought multiple cards – starting with the one closest to winning. It really makes the game easy to play.


The bingo tab, has games organised by start time, with the closest always moving to the top. This is a great function which means that you’ll never miss the start of a game. Each rooms clearly displays the type of game, how much each bingo card costs, the jackpot and the start time. Such a simple addition – having all this information on the title graphic – but it makes a huge difference to usability. This is the kind of thing that the powers behind the app are always thinking about, and their regular updates make sure that the players can always expect the best playing experiences.

Each room, Newbies included, has a chat function so you can talk to all the other people in the room with you. This chat function is very popular amongst players and people who play at the same times quickly get to know each other. Wink Bingo have done a fantastic job of translating the social side of bingo into their app as well.

But the Wink Bingo app doesn’t just come with bingo games; you’ll find a tab along the bottom that takes you to their popular online slots. So if you fancy a change, or just want something to do while you’re waiting for a game to begin, you can spin a few reels without having to switch to a separate app.

In fact, you can pre-purchase all your bingo tickets and leave them to play themselves – the app will do all of the hard work for you and let you know if you have won anything – meaning you can play the slots and bingo at the same time, without worrying about missing out.

So if you’re a fan of bingo – whether in real life or online – and you’re looking for a new place to play, grab your phone and give the Wink Bingo app a go. Its got great functionality and really is a totally unique design.


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