Champions League Week 2 Quiz


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    Welcome to your Champions League Week 2 Quiz, now that the shocks and surprises of Week 2 of the Champions League have come and gone, can you tackle our quiz?

    What team had the biggest winning margin this week?

    There were many high scoring games this week but how many matches ended 0-0?

    So far who is the Champions League top goalscorer?

    What goalkeeper has made the most saves in the competition so far?

    After two games, how many keepers have both clean sheets?

    How late into extra time of the Manchester United / Villareal match did Ronaldo score the winner?

    How may points did all of the Spanish teams combined earn this week?

    What team is now top of Group F?

    After two games this season, how many penalties have Salzburg been awarded?

    Which Manchester United substitute was seen throwing chewing gum in frustration for not being played?

    Other than Leo Messi, what PSG player greatly impressed Man City boss Pep Guardiola?

    The reigning champions Chelsea were beaten this week by Juventus but before this game, who were the last team to beat Chelsea in a 90 minutes match?

    Real Madrid had an embarrassing home loss to FC Sheriff this week, but what country are this surprise club from?

    Who scored the winning goal in the Real Madrid / FC Sheriff match?

    Robert Lewandowski also found the back of the net against Dynamo Kiev but how many more will he need to reach 100 Champions League goals?

    Wolfsburg are a highly regarded team in German football but before this year what what the last season that they were in the Champions League?

    Which of Liverpool’s famous forward’s failed to score in their win over Porto?

    With 16 matches played, how many red cards were dished out?

    2 With nine yellow cards and two red cards so far, which is the dirtiest team in the competition?

    Which of these countries does not have a team representing their league in this year’s Champions League?

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