European Football Championship Quiz


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    Euro 2021


    How well do you know the European Championships? Are you a superfan or just a plastic supporter?

    To get ready for the opener between Turkey and Italy, take this quiz to test your knowledge.

    When was the last time that Scotland qualified for the Euros?

    Who has the oldest squad in the Euros?

    What is the name of the European Championship trophy?

    Who was the top goal scorer for the Euro 2020 qualifiers?

    What country has won the joint most European Championships with Germany?

    What legend has the joint most Euros goals (9) with Cristiano Ronaldo?

    How was the 2004 semi-final between Greece and Czech Republic decided?

    Who scored the winning goal of the Euro 2016 final?

    Which of these countries has not won a European Championships?

    ?What qualified country has the lowest FIFA World Ranking?

    Who is the youngest player at this year’s competition?

    Who is the oldest player at the competition?

    What is the Euro 2020 mascot’s name?

    What is Ireland’s best ever finish at a Euro’s?

    What is the date of the Euro 2020 final?

    With North Macedonia, who else are making their debuts at the Euros?

    What country has the youngest squad this year?

    What stadium will host the Euro 2020 final?

    When was the first European Championships held?

    What country has the overall best win record at the competition?

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