Betting and Gaming in a Mobile World

When I was a wee lad, if I wanted to play some video games, I’d have to trudge down to the local arcade and pay a small fortune’s worth of coins for just a few hours of gameplay.

When I was a bit older, if I wanted to place some sports bets, I’d have to trudge my way down to the sportsbook if there even was one locally. Many people in those days relied on shady backroom bookies because there were no reputable establishments in their area, or maybe in their entire country?

Fast forward to 2016, this little piece of plastic in my pocket has all the games and all the wagers that a man could ever ask for wrapped up in this tidy package. Hours and hours and days by the millions are devoted to mobile games all across the world. If you’re reading this, you probably have a smartphone , as the smartphone penetration in many first world nations is reaching near full penetration. 89% of South Koreans have a smartphone, wow!

This boom of computing has put a premium on software developers to make better and more interesting games for mobile users to consume, there are billions of dollars on the line for mobile app developers, potentially 1 great app and they’re instantly rich. Which is great for us users, we have a lot of cool options.

For mobile gaming apps, I really like:
*also side note, all of these apps are free of charge but many have transactions within the app. They are all free to install and check out.
Pokemon GO – Yes this is an easy one, everyone is playing Pokemon GO these days. It is fun, it encourages exercise and appreciation of the outdoors. Overall great game.
Betser Mobile – If you’re a sports bettor like me, the Betser mobile app offers a sportsbook in your pocket at all times. There are many sportsbook options, but this one offers fun promotions that others may not, check it out.
ESPN Mobile – OK this is not exactly a game, but ESPN mobile allows me to follow every sport, which helps with my betting performance–I can get instant alerts to injuries, score updates, and other news and notes. Additionally, the ESPN app is just a great way to pass the time.
Casino Heroes – Casino Heroes is a bit like Clash of Clans, but with a way to earn real money by trading in your rubies (that you can from defeating bosses and leveling up your hero) for real money slot machine spins. Great fun and a chance to win some cash.
Hearthstone – From the makers of World of Warcraft, Overwatch and many more games comes Hearthstone. This game is about 2 gigs so it may not be for everyone, but it is one of the most robust mobile games on the market. Hearthstone is ever expanding and is a game that you will never “complete” as it is entirely about playing other real humans in a strategic card game
NBA Mobile – For a big NBA fan, this game is just great. It provides a little bit of arcade-style basketball game play, while teaching the player all about the NBA and its current players–even the lesser known ones that are not on the highlight reels. You see, you start out with a basic roster of players that you may not have even heard of, and work your way up to the LeBron, Curry type of players through earning (or buying) items. I actually enjoy learning about the lesser known players that you start out with, because many of these guys do not get much playing time in the real NBA.

These are six apps that I enjoy, but there are literally millions of apps out there. Any interest that you may have, I can promise you that someone has developed an app for it. Gone are the days when we have to hike to the arcade or the casino. We don’t even need to leave our houses, cars or office. Shoot, you can play these games in the bathroom, I do it all the time.


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