Betting Tips – To use them or not to use them

After watching sports from biathlon, through wrestling, tennis, basketball to football for more than 15 years, I felt like I am pretty well-informed and considering my math background I thought I`ll do well betting on my favourite sports.

In reality, it proved my knowledge is limited, and I am relatively narrow-minded when it comes to betting. There was so much more to it than I expected and in a few short months, I realised I couldn’t be a profitable bettor, at least not without using some guide.

At that time  I started looking for betting tips and tricks. I checked a lot of strategies, tipsters, tool and tried different bankroll management strategies with variable luck. Then I came across WhaleBets, and from the moment I saw their design I knew they’d be different. I wasn’t sure if they will be good tipsters as often looks are deceptive.

I was looking at their free tips, and I was impressed by how many of them were winners but they were low odds, so I thought it was normal. I was looking at their strategies and articles, and I could see they are in it for real, and I can trust them,  so I purchased their VIP membership, and even though it’s a bit expensive I can tell you those are by far the best betting tips I have ever received.