Dingle Pony Racing 2013 Review: Jack Kennedy wins leading jockey

As I start to think about writing a piece about the Dingle Races that I have just visited I wonder where to start. I have visited there since practically able to walk it’s like an institution to the flapping world or as it commonly known pony races.

People from all corners of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales come together for 3 days of horse racing gambling and Craic.  The Cheltenham of the pony racing world is the be all and end all for anyone having a pony or horse competing all year long. The minute the animal comes in from the winter there is a plan put in place by most, which race will I go for, which day will I go for , who will ride it, make no mistake about it is as important to a flapping trainer as it is to Willie Mullins getting Hurricane Fly ready for the Champion hurdle.

The best thing about Dingle Races is getting to see the talent of the future in the saddle. Last year Oisin Murphy and Connor King lit up Dingle with fantastic riding and they have gone on the track in Ireland and England at a young age getting rave reviews, with Connor King only a few weeks back getting up a 4 timer at his local track in Cork at just 16. Oisin Murphy is riding winners most days now in England for top trainer Andrew balding.

This year was no exception with stars of the future on hand including local lad Jack Kennedy getting the top jockey award with 7 winners over the 3 days and he is name everyone will know in the future. Another to mention was Denis Lenihan who had 4 winners and is best known for his association with the legendary horse Che Guevara who gained his 5 th success in the coveted Golden Mile on the Saturday.

Lenihan showed coolness in the saddle on the well backed Squeeze Your Knees for the same connections  in the opening race on the Saturday,  he looked beat turning into the straight chasing the Jolly Coola Boola ridden by Jack Kennedy, but managed to get up on the line,  for me was the ride of the weekend.

There were so many good riding performances it is hard to pick out a few as all who rode deserve credit, they put there heart and soul into riding around Dingle it means everything to them they are as young as 8 up-to 18 . They are the future and anybody that goes to Dingle realises that these jockeys would never have the chance to become so polished and experienced before they go under the rules to become a professionals.

The pinnacle of the season is topped off on the Sunday with the Dingle Derby which is ran over just over 2 miles. It is a race that everybody talks about all year. When you are down there the constant chats among your friends and race goers, who will win it? Will he go on the ground? He won’t stay? He has no chance? Just a few expressions you might hear in the pub or at the course over the days.

The race was won by Jack Daniels ridden by Tom Madden from the famous racing family which include Grand National winner Niall Madden or as he is better known slippers Madden. They turned into the strait for the last time and as they hit what is known in Dingle as the Biobain turn Nina Simpson had hit for home on the Northern Trained CU and looked to have stolen a march, but Madden slowly but surely up the home strait clawed back the leader bit by bit to get up in the shadows of the post to win the biggest prize of them all.

The winner trained in Dongeal by the Mooney family was a worthy winner as he had barely been beaten all year and was a true flapper. When I say a True flapper people will say what he is talking about. Dingle races every year gets horses that don’t run in the pony racing circuits at all just come for the weekend to try and grab the glory and literally could be any kind of horse from a selling hurdler to a listed horse. Time and time again they come every year but normally the horses that are battled hardened all year running on the pony racing circuits are very hard to beat.

That is my short review of the Dingle Races this year. The countdown is on for 2014 and in the pony racing world it is already being talked about. As for myself I will need more time to get over it I think I might have caught the famous Dingle Flu that happens to many a good patron that goes there every year and samples the town’s delights all weekend. For anyone reading this that has a passing interest in horse racing I would advise them to go as it is an experience you will certainly not forget.



Dingle Day 3 Classified Results

10f Open

1st Darbys Garden..Jack Kennedy..4/1

2nd Pablo Escobar..Denis Linehan..5/4f

3rd One for the Road..Sean Bowen..6/1

4th Capre Diem..Keith Moriarty..5/1

12 ran


12f 15hh

1st Rock Hopper..Jack Kennedy..1/1f

2nd Secretariat..Sean Corby..5/1

3rd Jekyll & Hyde..Rossa Ryan..5/1

4th Libbys Dream..Tom Madden..5/1

11 ran


14.2hh Pony Derby 10f Div.1

1st Molly’s Dream..Jack Kennedy..4/5f

2nd Waratah..Rossa Ryan..4/1

3rd Penny Lane..Sean Corby..5/1

4th Psycho Bob..Denis Linehan..6/1

8 ran


14.2hh Pony Derby 10f Div.2

1st One Direction..Oisin Orr..2/5f

2nd Aoifes Pet..Steven Cummins..6/1

3rd One of the Boys..Keith Moriarty..5/1

4th Take That..Luke Bleahan..8/1

9 ran


“Kerry Race” local race 1m

1st Shrek..Denis Linehan..2/1f

2nd Miss Wonderful..Cian Collins..3/1

3rd Don’t Tell Ma..Jack Kennedy..4/1

8 ran


12.2hh Pony Derby 1m

1st Another Tiger..Mikey Sheehy..6/1

2nd Pair of Jacks..Shane Crosse..8/1

3rd Temple Hill Tamara..Darragh o Keeffe..1/3f

4th Tail to Tail..Jack Kennedy..6/1

10 ran


2013 Dawn Milk Dingle Derby 2m

1st Jack Daniels ..Tom Madden.. 5/1

2nd CU ..Nina Simpson.. 8/1

3rd Thanks Ma ..Jack Kennedy ..5/2f

4th Watch Us ..Denis Linehan ..10/1

5th Wait n See ..Finny Maguire ..5/1

6th Mr Grey ..Sean Bowen ..7/1

20 ran


1m Open

1st Yankee Doodle..Conor McGovern.. 4/1

2nd Good Times Ahead..Jack Kennedy..4/7f

3rd Boohoo ..Liam Gilligan..5/1

4th Mary’s Choice ..Emma Sweeney..8/1

6 ran


12f Consolation

1st Ballybrown Boy..Finny Maguire..10/1

2nd Coola Boola..Jack Kennedy..5/2f

3rd Wheres Johnny..Harry Bleahan..6/1

4th The Poacher..Tommy Quaid..8/1

14 ran

Dingle Day 2 Classified Results

12f Open

1st Squeeze you Knees..Denis Linehan..2/1f

2nd Coola Boola..Jack Kennedy..4/1

3rd Oscar de la Hoya..Finny Maguire..4/1

4th Souda Wouda Couda..Tom Madden..8/1

11 ran


1m “Button Mile” Open

1st Ayres Rock..Liam Gilligan..8/1

2nd Our Daryl..Oisin Orr..9/2

3rd One for the Road..Sean Bowen..6/4f

4th Euroking..Jack Kennedy..6/1

13 ran


1m 14.2hh Div.1

1st Mollys Dream..Jack Kennedy..1/1f

2nd Waratah..Rossa Ryan..5/1

3rd The Sprout..Evan Daly..8/1

4th One of the Boys..Keith Moriarty..5/1

11 ran


1m 14.2hh Div.2

1st Georgies Girl..Calvin Gavin..8/1

2nd One Direction..Sean Corby..4/6f

3rd Penny Lane..Jack Kennedy..5/1

4th Mr Marshall..Daniel McMeniman..10/1

11 ran


Guinness Golden Mile

1st Che Guevara..Denis Linehan..5/4f

2nd Good Times Ahead..Jack Kennedy..5/1

3rd What do you Think..Luke McGuinness..4/1

8 ran


1m 13.2hh Pony Derby

1st Raynuso..Mikey Sheehy..4/6f

2nd Gerry Darkie..Darragh o Keeffe..5/1

3rd Thanks Grandad..Caoilin Quinn..5/1

4th Cheeky Charlie..Evan Daly..8/1

8 ran


10f Ladies Derby

1st Tiny Tim..Erin Campbell..2/1f

2nd Capre Diem..Sylvia o Donnell..5/1

3rd The Russian..Niamh Crehan..4/1

4th Close Encounter..Emma Sweeney..6/1

8 ran


10f 15hh

1st Rock Hopper..Jack Kennedy..5/2f

2nd Jekyll & Hyde..Rossa Ryan..8/1

3rd Central Park..Keith Moriarty..6/1

4th Red Handed..Killian Leonard..8/1

13 ran

Dingle Day 1 Classified Results.

12f Open Div.1

1st Oscar de la Hoya..Finny Maguire..4/1

2nd Chubby Chandler..Keith Moriarty..4/1

3rd Forget me Not..Erin Campbell..8/1

4th Mana..Rossa Ryan..6/1

11 ran


12f Open Div.2

1st Horans Cross..Denis Linehan.. 4/1

2nd Reliable Man..Conor McGovern..5/1

3rd Shrek..Shane Fitzgerald..8/1

4th The Commentator..Jack Kennedy..7/4f

10 ran


10f Open

1st The Russian..Liam Gilligan..6/1

2nd Pablo Escobar.. Denis Linehan..7/4f

3rd Darby’s Garden..Jack Kennedy..4/1

4th Top of the Range..Richie Foley..7/1

15 ran


2m Derby Trial

1st Swagger Jagger..Keith Moriarty..6/1

2nd Coola Boola.. Jack Kennedy..6/4f

3rd The Poacher..Tommy Quaid..8/1

4th Wheres Johnny.. Harry Bleahan..6/1

11 ran


12f Local

1st Thanks Ma..Jack Kennedy..4/9f

2nd Soprano..Finny Maguire..7/2

3rd Katie Eile..Denis Linehan.. 7/2

4th Sikorski.. Cian Collins..3/1

5 ran


1m Open

1st Omega.. Jack Kennedy.. 3/1f

2nd Yankee Doodle.. Conor McGovern..9/2

3rd Grey Shango..Finny Maguire..4/1

4th Aislings Dream..Conor Banahan..8/1

14 ran


15 hh 1m

1st Foxs Inn..Evan Daly..4/1

2nd The Red Messenger..Killian Leonard..8/1

3rd Miss Bibi..Rossa Ryan..6/1

4th Credit Crunch..Mike Kenneally..4/1

16 ran


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