Have you seen the jockey’s Gangnam Style tribute to AP McCoy?

It started in Korea, featured a mother and son on Ellen and now it’s infiltrated the inner sanctum of the weigh room. Gangnam Style has swept the globe and five jump jockeys have released their very own version of the dance craze called Jockey Style.

The video was the brainchild of Irish born, Lambourn based David Crosse who enlisted the help of a few of his madcap weighing room colleagues to create the internet sensation. Since it was posted on the site on Tuesday Jockey Style has been viewed 207,000 times.

Writing on his blog for lovetheraces.com Crosse, who is taking part in Movember, explains where he got the inspiration for the video from.

“An idea was put to me a couple of weeks ago about making a Gangnam Style song and video spoof. I thought it would be a great idea but I knew I’d need a bit of help.

“So, I first went to one of my best friends Kevin Tobin and between us we came up with a few good ideas. Gangnam Style was becoming Jockey Style!”

The video showcases the rapping talent of American based Irish jockey Kevin Tobin and the dance skills of Colin Bolger, Charlie Huxley, Ger Tumulty and Sam Jones along with ringleader Crosse.

Tobin wrote the lyrics and recorded several versions of the song which he emailed to Crosse. The dancing master is Huxley. The video was shot on location at Taunton racecourse, Brendan Powell’s yard and the Injured Jockey’ Fund Oaksey House by Luke Harvey from attheraces, with rehearsals involving a trip to the pub.

They even roped in AP McCoy as the video features a cardboard cut out and lyrical tribute to the perennial champion jockey. The leading rider gave the video his seal of approval, tweeting a link to the video. He wrote: “I can’t believe they used a cut-out of me I think I am looking good at the moment!!”

The identity of the unfortunate sunglass-wearing horse at the end of the video is unknown!

You can donate to David’s Movember here


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