suffers major security breach

The site was the subject of a sophisticated, sustained and aggressive attack on Friday and Saturday, in which one of the databases was accessed and customer details were stolen.

Stringent new measures are being put in place to prevent a repeat of the security breach that has affected the site.

In the meantime, the website is completely safe to use as they have removed all log-in and registration functionality.

Betting through the site with partner bookmakers has at all times been unaffected as this activity takes place directly with the bookmaker. Racing Post is not involved in the process – it hold no details whatsoever in relation to betting accounts.

Customer credit and debit card details are not stored on the site and have therefore not been accessed and are not at risk.

The information at risk from the database that was compromised will vary in the case of each customer, depending on how much information you gave when you registered.

It includes: usernames, first and last names, encrypted passwords, email and customer addresses and date of birth.

As a consequence, customers have been advised by email that they should take the precaution of changing their password on other sites if it is the same one that they use for

Customers who are unsure of their password should be aware these are encrypted and we are therefore unable to tell them what the password is. The advice, if in doubt, is to change passwords on other sites as a precaution as they cannot be confident that the hackers will be unable to break the encryption.

Racing Post editor Bruce Millington said: “Security is an area we take extremely seriously and our website has not been compromised previously. As soon as we were aware of the situation we did everything in our power to halt the breach.

“As part of our efforts to resolve the issue, we have turned off the ability to register / log-on to You will still be able to access the site safely. Members’ Club content will also be available.

“We are extremely sorry that this unfortunate incident has occurred. We believe it may be part of a wider attack on a number of companies. We thank you for your patience and understanding.”


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