The Five Biggest Grand National Winners

The Grand National is one the most, if not the only, sought-after horse racing events around the world. People of all ages look forward to this event with the sole goal of betting for their favorite horses.

It is not an easy thing to pick a winning horse. Luckily, there are odds on each horse in the race, which bettors use to pick a horse that will win. However, just like in any other race, everyone, despite their poor stats, has a chance to win. Below are the 5 biggest winners gamblers have had with odds of 100/1 who ended up winning the race in the Grand National:

Tipperary Tim

It was one of the biggest upsets which saw the horse, Tim win the Grand National race. It was a dramatic one as no one expected the horse to win since the odds of winning for Tim was 100/1. The drama that ensued was that all other 41 horses fell due to the bad weather in 1928. Only William Dutton who was an amateur jockey of Tim, managed to stay in the race and win. Play free slots for real money with no deposit required as a beginner. Get multiple free bonuses and cashback rewards as you enjoy the popular casino games.


Another upset, in the same event as Grand National, would not take long to come through. It was in 1929, the following year, after Tipperary Tim won Grand National race, that Gregalach replicated the same to upset the favorites. However, this was not as dramatic as the yesteryear’s. Gregalach, together with the jockey Robert Everett did it in the midst of other competitors. They ran a great race and beat the favorites, including Easter Hero, to take up the first place of Grand National race.


It was in 1947 when another big winner would surface and surprise everyone. Caughoo had the odds of 100/1 to win the competition like Grand National race. It would turn out that even with such a slight chance of winning, Caughoo and the jockey, Eddie Dempsey would take the day. However, there were controversies that surrounded the win, as during the day of the Grand National race, the air was filled with fog. His win was criticized as some claimed he hid behind a fence and came out close to when the race was coming to a halt and raced for the win. Photos would later emerge that cleared this doubt.


It was all jubilation in the 1967 Grand National when Foinavon, with odds of 100/1, won the race. Thanks to the commotion that took place which saw 27 jockeys caught in the pile-up. Since Foinavon, was far behind the leaders, he was not among those involved in that commotion and that is how he managed to become the winner of Grand National races.

Mon Mome

History was made when Mon Mome, despite being a slow horse, won the 2009 Grand National. It marked a huge milestone for the horse as it was the only horse, bred in France to win the glorious race in more than 100 years. Also, it is the second horse that was trained by a woman and won the Grand National race.



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