The Top 5 Horses of 2017: What’s in It for Them?

It has been an exciting year for horse racing fans in general.  For those of you who keep your ear to the ground all year round, you may very well have your own reasons for where you place your bets, but for those who aren’t up to speed with this year’s favorites, you would do well to read on.

In this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 horses of 2017 by factoring in their performance, achievements, statistics, and forecasted career. This will surely help you a ton when it comes to capitalizing on your bets. So, saddle up and enjoy!

#1 Arrogate

Arrogate might be one of the youngest horses in this list of top horse racers for 2017, but don’t be deceived as this colt’s got a lot in store. Having won the 2nd place in its last race in the Pacific Classic, it has cemented its place as a great finisher even when the odds are against him.

Add into the equation the seven 1st place winning streak he had before the surprising 4th place finish on July 22. It just shows how great it is to bet on this young colt that’s so full of potential. Arrogate is a Kentucky-bred colt that’s trained by Bob Baffert.

This might probably be the reason how it managed to gain such a huge success. Now that Arrogate’s up to facing his biggest challenge in the Breeder’s Cup Classic this coming Nov. 4, it’s safe to say that it’s going to finish strong.

Up until now, the 4-year-old colt remains the best pick for the upcoming contest. And if all goes well for November contest, this fan favorite is also pretty likely to take part in the Pegasus World Cup on Jan. 27, 2017. It would surely be interesting how this young gun will perform.

#2 Winx

Winx is a top contender for the upcoming Ladbrokes Cox Plate this coming Oct. 28. C.J. Waller is the one in charge of prepping up the 6-year-old mare for the possibly the biggest break in her career. Winx currently has a prize money of a whopping $13,475,425, thanks to its impressive 30-24-3-0 career statistics.

It remains to be one of the top elite horses in its league, but if it fails to settle for at least a 2nd place position in Ladbrokes, it’s safe to assume that the privilege would instantly be gone especially that it’s nearing the end of its prime. But since it has a track record of finishing in 1st place for 19 times, everyone can expect how it’ll turn out in the upcoming races.

#3 Irish War Cry

Then there’s Irish War Cry who has a name that’s pretty accurate of his performance in the last race. The reason behind this is that the colt has a very strong connection with its jockey. And if it’s bombarded with a ton of pressure, it immediately reacts to it by bursting out its full force onto the racetrack.

Though it might have a disappointing 9th place finish in its Sept. 23 race in the Pennsylvania Derby, we still included it in our top 5. Why? It’s because of the colt’s potential. Knowing that it’s still 3 years old and it had taken part in the biggest tournaments in the country, it’s easy to say that there’s a lot in store for him. It just needs to ramp up its skill set and be jockeyed by the best there is in the industry.

#4 Lookin at Lee

Here’s another 3-year-old colt who’s looking for some salvation after being badly beaten in the Travers Stakes. You might have noticed why we’re including horses that had a lower than 5th place finish. The reason behind this is that it’s not about the current status they’re in but it’s more on the potential for these young racers to rise up to the top ranks.

Having a series of moderately impressive 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place finishes in the Ellis Park Juvenile, Iroquois, and West Virginia Derby, who says this young horse can’t dethrone the currently no. 1 Arrogate? Then again, it’s all about development and continuous progress, of which he’s likely to be pretty good at.

#5 J Boys Echo

J Boys Echo is one that exists to impress the crowd. It’s form, pace, and overall showmanship is what made his name literally “echo” throughout the whole horse racing world. Being just 3 years old and showing how easy it is to have a huge comeback after being all the way back in the race is what made this a very good contender for the top horses in the world.

Though its lack of experience is evident in its last Belmont Stakes finish, it’s not the end of the game for him. If all goes well for his long break, then it’s safe to expect that he’s going to make a comeback at the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby in 2018.

When it comes to horse racing, we need to consider two factors to winning: the horse itself and the jockey. However, the horse plays a much larger role in the race track as it is what does 80% of the work. So, what does this imply? Simple! It shows that choosing the horse is of much greater importance than choosing the jockey.  Something well worth remembering when laying down you hard earned cash.


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