Why You Should Have More than One Betting Account

If you’re an occasional bettor, the possibly one account at one bookmaker will suffice. However, if you actually want to make any money from betting, then you need to think about opening more than one account. We’re not saying you need to open hundreds of accounts with all different bookies, but certainly having around 3-5, if not more, can be helpful? But why is this? And what bookmakers? Obviously, you need to be picky about the bookies you choose – as there are some that are much better than others. When making your pick, you can check out the best new betting sites at bettingonline.co.uk, so you pick the right bookie for your needs.  So, why more than one account? Let’s look at all the reasons why.


Getting the Best Prices, Bets and Promotions

If you take sports betting seriously, or intend to make some money from it, you want to find the best odds for the events you’re betting on you’ll need more than one. If you do have just one account, you won’t have access to plenty of good odds and prices – and even promotions. Do small variations on odds make a difference? Well, it all adds up. If you win your bet and don’t get the best money possible, then you are losing out – and it can all add up.

Imagine you’re on a shopping trip. There are several shops that are selling what you want. One shop is selling a coat for £200, trousers for £50 and shoes for £175. A second is selling the exact same coat for £220, the trousers for £50 and the shoes for £100. Would you buy the outfit from one shop? Buy it all from shop A and it costs you £425, but all from shop B and it will cost £370. If you buy from both, you can get the outfit for £350. Shopping around with clothes saves money – as does shopping around with odds.

If you’re a clever bettor, you’ll be looking to save money with the best prices. If you have just one account with just one bookmaker, you have to take the price on offer there. If you have access to more than one account – at more than one bookmaker, you have choices and options to get better odds.

Let’s look at an example.  Imagine you’re betting on the Champions League Final. Unibet offer 21/20 on Liverpool and 11/4 on Tottenham. Meanwhile, William Hill offers 19/20 on Liverpool and 3/1 on Tottenham.

If you have both accounts, if you bet £100 on Liverpool at Unibet, you’ll win £105, which is £10 more than you’d get at William Hill. However, if you want to bet £100 on Tottenham, you’d win £300, which is £25 more than at Unibet. So, if you add these sums up, it can make a big difference throughout the year. An account with both bookies means access to both sets of odds.

Furthermore, some bookies offer enhanced or boosted odds for different events. If you can shop around your bookies, then you’ll have more chance of getting your hands on these top betting odds.

Better Bonuses and Promotions

One of the biggest appeals of opening an account with a new bookmaker is the promise of a welcome bonus – and all the other bonuses the bookie offer. When you open a new account, bookmakers often reward the new player with a deposit bonus, free bet, money back bet or more. So, for example, if you sign up at a new bookie right now, you could get a 100% bonus up to £50 to spend on betting. However, if you are looking for your new bookmaker in terms of the bonus appeal, do check out the terms and conditions as well as the size.

When looking at the welcome bonus, you need to see how you can fulfil the terms to claim the bonus, and how you can fulfil the terms to withdraw any winnings. You need to make sure that not only is the bonus good – but it’s fair.

Another idea is to look at the promotions page. Here you can get an idea of the type of offers you get after you’ve joined. The best bookies have ongoing promotions to take advantage of. You’ll find bookies that have best odds guaranteed, special acca offers, enhanced odds etc.


Stay Incognito

Unfortunately, bookies don’t like punters that win a lot – as you can imagine. If you are being flagged up as a punter that is making a lot of money and winning a lot, the bookmaker might become difficult. It doesn’t often happen, but there are occasions. You may find the bookie limits the deposits on your account, or even makes the withdrawal process more difficult. Whatever it does, you don’t want to put your money in a bookie that doesn’t trust you.

However, should you have accounts at different bookmakers, and spread your winning around, then it will help you to remain incognito. No matter how great a bookie is, none likes to keep on losing money. Therefore, not only is it important to have more than one bookie, but to make sure they are considered reliable and trustworthy.



More Opportunities

All in all, if you have multiple betting accounts, you will have more options – and more fun. Some offer better odds, some will offer you sports and events that others don’t. You can even get different types of bets and markets available. If you want to step away from simple bets and become a little more adventurous, you’ll have more opportunities with different bookies. Not every bookmaker offers everything – and not every bookmakers is the best at everything. Search for the best online bookies, make your pick and open your accounts. More accounts, more fun and more money in the long run.

So, when you start your sportsbetting journey, and you are trawling through the lists of available bookmakers keep an open mind – and think about going with more than one.


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