Zenden put down straight after winning its biggest race

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Zenden put down straight after winning its biggest race: Racehorse Zenden was put down after suffering a fatal injury crossing the line.

Placed at 50/1, racehorse Zenden won the biggest race of its career before being immediately put down. The horse won the Dubai Golden Shaheen, with an estimated prize of 1.1 million.

He led from start to finish across the six furlong race, breaking the track record of 1:09.01. Zenden, from reports was said to have broken its leg soon after crossing the finish line in what was a brilliant race.

The horse then fell to the ground, throwing jockey Antonio Fresu to the ground. The Italian was unharmed and was extremely lucky not to trampled by the entire chasing pack.

The course medical team rushed to the horse’s aid but had to put it down after suffering a severe fracture. Trainer Carlos David spoke about tragic race and the horse he loved to Bloodhorse.com.

There’s no celebration or anything like that. I’m devastated.

I was hugging my horse while they put him down.

I was able to say goodbye to him but there was going to be no way to fix his leg.

No money, no trophy is going to bring my horse back.”

Jockey Fresu speaking to Horseracing planet after his fall spoke about the tragic loss of their horse.

“I got really happy for a second and the next second my heart was broken to see the horse who gave me such a victory breaking down”.

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