Rugby player Jack Carty makes Connacht fans very proud

Its been a mixed year for rugby players in Ireland, but Connacht’s Jack Carty is definitely shining a positive light.

Carty who plays at ten for Connacht Rugby was in Connemara during the week and met up with a 14-year-old Cai Quinn who was down in the dumps, but by what his dad has said Jack changed his day.

All we can say here at SportsNewsIRELAND is WELL DONE Jack Carty you made a lot of Connacht Rugby fans very proud today.

Here is a tweet and letter that was sent to the Connacht Rugby Twitter account by Cai’s dad Robert Quinn.

, my 14 year old son was sitting in a park today, down in the dumps. Jack Carty came by, cheered my boy up… Kicked a ball about with him and then drove to our home to deliver one of his rugby shirts as a souvenir.. Jack you are a bloody gentleman. Thank you!!


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