Best Strategies for Rugby Betting

Credit: Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU)

Rugby is a hugely underrated sport. It’s not the most popular sport yet it’s more entertaining than most sports out there. Seriously, what’s better than watching an action-filled 7-aside game? Both the fans and players are energetic and friendly. The game is technical but raw, beautiful and addictive.

If you love rugby so much that you occasionally back your favorite teams with real money bets, chances are you’ve lost money on a bet gone wrong. It happens sometimes. Even teams like New Zealand which are continuously winning lose. So, what do you do? Use some of these strategies to increase the odds of winning.

High Wagers, Low-Risk Games

If you have been keen on World Rugby Rankings for the last 15 years, you’ve probably noticed that some countries always rank at the top of the list. New Zealand, for example, has a 77% winning rate since 2003. They’ve also ranked 1st or 2nd in World rankings since 2004.

With such a stellar record, the All Blacks have always been the favorites to win for many bookmakers. Their odds are usually small. But when the team faces an opponent, especially on home soil, you can be certain they will win.

Together with Wales, England, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa, you have teams with incredibly high win rates. Using the low-risk high wager betting strategy, you can bet on these teams knowing you’re likely to win. And since your wager is sizable, the potential returns will be decent.

Low Wagers, High Risks

This strategy is the opposite of betting on teams like New Zealand. It requires a lot of knowledge on the sport, a great deal of research before picking your team. If you pick the right teams and your predictions are correct, you win double or more your stake size per bet.

Apart from the All Blacks, most rugby teams lose once in a while. Remember that time when Japan upset South Africa against all odds? Had you supported Japan, you’d have won £8 for every £1 wagered. Before that, Ireland shocked the world by beating Australia in a World Cup game for the first time ever. For that game, the odds were as high as 1/5 for Ireland to win.

At club tournaments, upsets happen even more frequently. Devote your time and efforts toward following rugby matches. Find high-value odds and risk only that amount of money you can afford to lose. Consider using a rugby betting odds comparison site to find the best odds. Betting on a site with better odds can significantly increase your profits.

Bet on Accumulators

Unlike football, rugby betting odds are often too small to attract many punters. It’s for this same reason many bookmakers don’t offer rugby wagers all-year round. If you have always been able to find good rugby odds, you’re probably better than most people.

Accumulators can help you increase your profits as much as possible. When betting on the perennial favorites, there’s no need of placing only one bet for a small win. Combining four or more teams with high chances of winning will more than likely multiply your stake size several times.

Imagine backing five teams, each with odds 1.4. A £10 wager quickly turns into £140 when you win (1.4 x 10). If you accumulate 10 teams, you could walk away with £1400 from a simple £10 bet. If the odds are higher, let’s say 1.7 on average, a £50 wager could earn you a lot more money than a single bet.

Bet Handicaps

To avoid dealing with low odds every other time, consider betting on handicaps. In simple terms, these bets already come with an edge for one team. In a game between England and Italy, the former could get an edge of 15 points. This way, you only win if England wins by 15 or more points.

The odds on handicaps are much higher than money line bets. Most handicaps have odds 2.0 or higher, meaning you double your stake from every bet. Of course, this also poses some risk. If England wins by anything but a 15-point gap, you lose.

Since handicaps come with varying point differences, you shouldn’t fear them. There are often too many teams with great handicap odds you can bet on. Of course, you are also not limited to handicaps alone. Combining handicaps with accumulators can increase your profits significantly.

Avoid Unpopular Leagues

Team styles, a referee’s strictness, the weather, and past meetings can all determine which team wins. In most rugby matches, you only find information about previous meetings. In the lower leagues, this data may also be unavailable or very limited.

Trying to predict games when you have limited data about matches will almost always result in losses. And considering most rugby matches don’t have great odds, minor league matches are not worth betting on. Stick to major leagues and national team competitions.

When wagering on US sports, for example, it’s easy to find out how the weather will be on the specific match. The referee officiating the match will probably be a familiar face. Information about teams is available in plenty and they’re usually multiple bookmakers offering the games.

This makes it easy to analyze the game with all the information you have and make a meaningful prediction. If the teams are strong and unpredictable but the weather is poor, prepare for a low-scoring game. If the referee is strict, the number of calls will probably be fewer.

The availability of information can boost your odds of predicting matches correctly. Luckily, there are lots of matches with all the information you need in rugby. Stick to World rugby matches on matches from respectable leagues and you’ll have a better time predicting games.

To Conclude

If you love rugby and place wagers on your favorite rugby teams, you’ve probably experienced frustrations with wagers, bookies and other things. Odds tend to be low. The weather influences match outcomes a lot and information is not always available. Use some of the strategies outlined above to better your odds of winning.


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