If a Champions Cup semi-final ends in a draw, what happens then?

The European Champions Cup semi-finals take place in Dublin and Lyon respectively this weekend. If either semi-final ends level in normal time, the following is the procedure for finding a winner.

If the scores are tied at the end of full time, then 20 minutes (two periods of 10 minutes) of extra time will be played. If at the end of extra time the scores are still level, then the winners will be team which has scored the most tries in the game, including extra time.

If the teams are level on points and tries at the end of extra time, the winners will be determined by a place kicking competition as follows:

For the place kicking competition, each team each team will be asked to nominate three goal kickers. The kickers need not to be predetermined, but they must come from the players on the pitch at the final whistle. No substituted or dismissed player will be permitted to take part. The end at which the competition takes place will be determined by a toss of a coin. The team to kick first will also be determined by a toss of a coin.

Each kicker will have two kicks from designated positions on the 22 and 10 metre lines and after each team has completed their six kicks a winner will be declared. If the teams remain deadlocked, the competition will continue on a sudden-death basis.


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