Johnny Sexton interview on Ireland AM Virgin Media One

Johnny Sexton will be on Ireland AM on Virgin Media One tomorrow (Wednesday) when he will be in the hotseat discussing all things rugby. He will also be talking about Joe Schmidt stepping down, his frustration with his performance against Italy and why aren’t Ireland at their best at the minute. The interview will air at 07.40am.

Speaking to Virgin Media’s Sports Correspondent Sinead Kissane Sexton was asked a question on whether Schmidt’s stepping down after the World Cup announcement de stabilized  the squad in anyway? Sexton replied “No, i know you guys are looking on why the reasons why we havent been going 10 out of 10, he said they are not the reasons and it’s no a distraction really”. He went on to say about his former Leinster coach, “We will talk about Joe for year to come, but for the moment it’s just been business as usual, little things here or there haven’t gone our way yet, but we are working incredibly hard to put it right” It will be like a casino bonus if Ireland can win this years six nations

The Ireland out half was asked did he seem a bit frustrated when he came off against Italy, Sexton replied ”Oh unbelievably frustrated how can you not be when you’re doing as good as preparation as last year, training as well as last year, your doing everything right and things just aren’t clicking”. The fly half continued “No one cares more than us, that’s the bottom line, he said he was sorry he left his frustrations boil over at times but that is just him, caring a lot about them and wanting to do well. He really is Mr Green

Kissane on went to ask Sexton why do you think things aren’t clicking this championship (Six Nations) in which he replied “I could come out with three or four excuses, we just have to say we haven’t been good enough yet, we have shown glimpses in games on how good we can be and then we just haven’t.” A good example has been Wales he continued, poor in the first two games and then they exploded last weekend against England, so the difference in having a bad game and playing good is so small. He said the team is just trying to find the performance to revive them again.

The full interview can be seen on Virgin Media One at 7.40am on Wednesday.



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