OConnell wants to tackle Limerick’s tarnished image

Munster Rugby and Ireland international Paul O’Connell was conferred with the Freedom of Limerick City over the weekend.

The 32 year-old said that politicians, sports people and ordinary citizens need to work hard to protect the tarnished image of the city.

Addressing about 1,000 people in an open-air ceremony at City Hall, the rugby giant said people needed to adopt the ethos behind Munster’s success on the pitch in order to replicate it on the streets:

“We need to stand up to antisocial behaviour, crime and obstacles to our ambition. We need to take an active part in the running of the city and the direction our city takes.

“When Munster wins a trophy no one records how many Cork players’ or Limerick players’ names are on the team – the only thing that goes up on the trophy is Munster, in big block capitals. We need to adapt this approach for the city’s success.”

O’Connell dedicated the honor to  “every coach I have ever worked with”  whilst stating that he was ‘truly humbled’ and ‘surprised’ to receive the award.


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