Rugby Fitness Training: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Fitter for Rugby

Rugby is a powerful sport that can be placed in the same category as weightlifting. Rugby athletes need to increase their muscle mass, improve their strength and enhance their overall fitness.

Apart from eating a carefully selected diet and taking enhancement gear like HGH & PEPS, training is the ultimate activity that promotes the required level of fitness.

If you are a rugby player or coach, there are some things that you must know to have great success. Coaches have a responsibility to handle the players, who come in different sizes, shapes and body capabilities. The biggest task is to make sure that all have improved in muscle building and gained enough strength through training and workouts. So, let us look at the ultimate guide to enhancing fitness for all rugby players.

Important Considerations

·         Diet – a good diet is like putting the right fuel in a car before racing. Rugby players require a well-balanced diet with adequate protein to promote muscle growth. They also need ample carbs especially before a game to supply them with enough energy.

·         Water – water keeps the athlete’s body hydrated at all times. Make sure that you drink enough water to facilitate ideal metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Further, it will help in cleansing the body of any toxins.

The Ultimate Rugby Training

·         Strength training – this is the ultimate requirement to increase your fitness level for rugby. With the application of the right training methods, improving strength training is very crucial. This includes running on a rough terrain, weightlifting and push-ups among other things.

·         Speed and power training – fitness enthusiasts call this plyometric training. Rugby is all about powerful and speedy running from one part of the pitch to the other. Therefore, all players must have the capability to run. Such exercises and routines include running on treadmills and physical running along the beach and the field among other places. As a coach, you must make sure that your team can endure running under different weather and conditions.

·         Body composition – all rugby players must have a composed body from the start. This should improve as the team engages in different exercises and workouts. The common ones include running with a heavy weight above the head or carrying a partner across the pitch. These techniques are sensitive, and one must take care to avoid injuries.

The Training Basics to Consider

·         Stretching – this is a basic to all fitness programs. Rugby players must start with stretching and end with the same. It helps to straighten the muscles and avoid spasms and injuries. It is through stretching that athletes are able to continue training the following day.

·         Resting – every fitness enthusiast must include resting in her or his schedule. The body requires time to repair worn-out cells, muscles and tendons. According to various research from across the world, muscle cells increase in mass when one is resting. Sleeping is equally important, and one must get enough every day.

With the above tips, every rugby player can achieve her or his dreams with ease and without much strain. Follow these tips while at the same time researching for more.


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