Rugby Transfer News – Sexton not moving back to Leinster

Jonny Sexton has made it very clear that he will not be moving back to Leinster this summer. The rumours of a transfer back to the Irish province look premature.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport he said: “I was obviously aware of some of the things being mentioned, almost because other people have to comment on it rather than myself.

“There was speculation about leaving France a year early. That is not going to happen.

“In the press conference last week, I have always given two sides of the story and only one seemed to be picked up. I said sometimes I absolutely love this place and other times, it was tough at the start and there has been difficult moments.

“But all-in-all, that was always going to be the case in your first six months here.

“My wife and I have settled down really well here, we have a baby on the way in July and it’ll be born in Paris, please God.

“They are unnecessary distractions and something I haven’t got too hung up over to be honest. I’m starting to really enjoy it over here and we’re taking steps in the right direction.”


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