SEAN O’BRIEN – One of the World’s Best Back Rowers

Sean O’Brien is globally recognized as a world-class Irish rugby player with a successful history of attainments. He was born on 14 February, 1987 and currently resides in Carlow, Ireland. He is widely known for being part of the Leinster rugby club and remains an iconic player representing Ireland in particular and Great Britain as a whole. Some people including his innumerable fans and coaches consider O’Brien to be the best back rower in the world across his generation of rugby players. Indeed, he definitely stands out from the crowd being an incredibly talented and skillful player. His fan base comprises the entire global community of rugby followers and he is commonly referred to as “Tullow Tank” among his fans in Ireland. Rugby is a game of chance similarly to the games where you win real money. As such, Sean O’Brien’s performance in various tournaments and competitions proved to be not only highly successful, but also highly impressive, which is proved by numerous awards and honors received throughout his career. He can now be rightfully called the most outstanding back-row player of rugby in the entire world.

The story of success and legendary tournaments with O’Brien in the main lead

O’Brien began to play rugby as part of Leinster in 2008 during his legendary tournament against the team of opponents from Cardiff. During the same year, he earned a widely recognized Heineken Cup in a competition against such strong opponents as Castres Olympique. Even though during the next year O’Brien failed to participate in the Final Tournament of 2009, he became one of the youngest and most awe-inspiring back-row players across the entire Europe after his participation in a few competitions during the subsequent years. The Rugby Union from Ireland made everything possible to ensure that he did not lose his iconic title as a “Tullow Tank” so O’Brien soon agreed to conclude a contract with Leinster for a three-year period in order to continue his successful career in the game of rugby.

How Sean O’Brien turned into a world-class back-row player

Today, Sean O’Brien is widely known for his legendary barging runs and carrying of the rugby ball, so it is quite clear that O’Brien has inherent talent for the game of rugby and sometimes he is even described as a “rampaging ball of devastation”. He steadily climbs higher in his career as a rugby player and currently, Sean O’Brien remains an easily recognizable back-row player who is more commonly acknowledged for his speed and various defensive tactics that allowed him to become a world-level player of rugby. Why does he play at the back row? Well, the answer is quite simple – this is because he feels most comfortable when being positioned across the back row, but he was often seen in other roles as well, in which he performed equally well and demonstrated much skill.

Connacht secured the win when Sean O’Brien sent Niyi Adeolokun clear.

What are the past and present achievements of O’Brien?

Speaking of the past and current attainments in the portfolio of O’Brien, it is worth noting that he was previously chosen to play for the British and Irish Lions team during their tour to New Zealand and Australia a few years earlier. In the course of his successful and highly flourishing career as a rugby player, O’Brien was granted numerous honorable awards. In 2011, he was called the best player of the year across the European segment for his play in Leinster. He was also awarded Guinness/Rugby Writers of Ireland honor and received many other signature titles as well. Back in October 2011, O’Brien was even listed among ‘Top Five Star Players’ by the website of Rugby World Tournament.

Final thoughts

As such, O’Brien remains an iconic rugby player who is most commonly known for his impressive size, incredible speed and powerful performance that continues to be admired by numerous fans worldwide. Hopefully, in the long run O’Brien will attain even greater heights in the inspiring world of professional sports.



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