Video – CJ Stander admits Japan loss was one of the worst in his career

He was one of the better players for Ireland on Saturday, but CJ Sander has expressed how it was one of his worst ever rugby moments.

Sander had the unenviable task as the player in front of the media this morning and when asked if he is ready to throw himself straight back into battle after two gruelling encounters, Stander said: “Yes definitely, it’s the excitement of the World Cup.

“This is what you want to do when you’re growing up, thinking about being part of a World Cup.

“So yes, recovery-wise we’re being looked after really well, we’ve got training on Tuesday, so we’ve got to make sure the body’s ready. So if I’m selected I’m good to go again.”

“We drive ourselves by high standards, so we’ve got to be consistent in our process and what we do.”

When asked where Saturday’s loss ranked in terms of career lowlights, Stander said: “It’s up there, I’d say it’s close to the bottom.

“My red card’s probably always going to be at the bottom.

“It’s something that’s probably good learnings in a place where you don’t get a lot of opportunity to get learnings.

“It’s just a few games we’ve missed the consistency we want now. We drive ourselves by high standards, so we’ve got to be consistent in our process and what we do.

“I believe we can attack well, build on the moments we have and use opportunities to put points on the board.

“Sometimes when you lose those moments against a team like Japan you’re going to get punished.

“So now we’ve got to look after the ball, make sure we stick with our process when we set down the attack plan, make sure we back what we’re doing.

“And just don’t give other teams entries into what we do.”

Hailing Ulster flanker Murphy’s abilities on his arrival to join the squad, Stander said: “Jordi always fits right in, we’re looking forward to getting him back in.

“He’s going to bring good balance a lot of energy to the back-row, with his ball-carrying. So we’re looking forward to having him in there.”


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