Video – Irish rugby players and coaches talk about moving hotels

We have a video with Chris Farrell talking about his World Cup debut, and how happy he was on his performance and the team’s performance.

He chatted about holding Scotland to not scoring a try and having to get on the bullet train from Yokahama to Ireland’s new base.

Farrell also talked about seeing other parts of Japan and how zen-like there new base in Shizuoka is very Zen-like experience.

“This is our second move here in Japan, we loaded up two eight-ton trucks last night, we’re going down to Shizuoka, so a huge amount of effort in terms of that,” Carmody said.

“We try and pack up everything so that when we get to the next location we’re ready to go and set up so that when we arrive, the coaches can coach and the staff can get into work and the players can rehab and do what they need to do in terms of prep for Japan at the weekend.

“A huge amount of planning has gone into this. It’s two years since we first came over to scope the various different facilities – hotels, pitches, indoor facilities and so forth, so we could map out how we were going to navigate our way through.

“So far we’ve had a fantastic welcome in Japan and I have to say that the support we’ve received, both from RWC and all the various liaisons etc has been fantastic.”


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